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unwanted calls - Goodman - 06-23-2006

Does anybody know how to block unwanted phone calls and computer generated phone calls on landline. I will be eterenally thankfull. Its usually from our neighbours (indian companies) ringing without considering the time of the day and night.

- Pracs - 06-23-2006

Let me know as well.. )

- Muhammad Adnan Arshad - 06-23-2006

making complaints to the relevant telecommunication network(s) is one solution; but other existing solutions, let me know as well.

- Goodman - 06-26-2006

I spoke to BT and they said they are unable to do anything. The maximum they would help is wish you luck in your quest for a solution and a couple of phone numbers to register with.

Well, here is a device that one of guys came up with

I didnot try it bue if someone does, please share his experience with us.

- derivativetrader - 06-28-2006

Goodman, if they are really painful, then you might want to change your number with BT. Its possible and free of charge with immediate effect.