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what are mostly used accounting software in pak - Desert_Rose - 07-10-2006

hi guys!
i want to know what are the software mostly used in pakistan for accounting purpose..
because i want to learn some of those..
so it will be easy for me to decide which one to learn..
waiting for ur response..

- accountant1 - 07-11-2006

peachtree lol

- Schuaeb - 07-13-2006

Excel is the best, accountants like it more than anyother.
Peachtree ofcourse is the most used software these days. No idea about this Accounting Oracle used at Fergusons

- Muhammad Amir - 06-20-2007

Quick Books

- noman - 06-24-2007

oracle is ERP.....its used only in large organisations...

- Imran - 06-28-2007

In Pakistan frequently used softwares are
PeachTree Accounting
Sidat Hyder Financials
Quick Books
One cannot claim that Excel is an accounting software. It is the basic program which is used every ever in accounting. Being specific to accounting package these have been mentioned above. Now a days Large Scale Companies have their own developed accounting packages