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Articleship from UK after CA Intermediate - zain_zk - 07-30-2006

after completing my CA inter... i want to do my articleship from UK.. i want to know tht is it possible or now. will be very grateful if anybody guides me on this

- Schuaeb - 08-02-2006

You wont be able to do articles from England after completing CA-Inter (ICAP)

- zain_zk - 08-02-2006

but i heard from somebody tht u have to give two exams regarding english auditing n taxation standards n then u can apply in an ICAEW firm. Isnt it true??

- mroneflower - 09-14-2006

Hi Mr zain_zk

I already expalined you in email which i sent you in response to ur email that what you have heard is 100% true and yes you can apply for articleship after completing these papers.

Please be aware that you can JUST APPLY and then it will be upto firms in UK to offer you training contract (Articles) or no. Most Firms in UK are usually not interested in hiring oversea students with oversea qualification requiring work permit.

Hope this will help.

Kind Regards

Khalid Sipra

M.A, ACCA, London

- Xak - 09-25-2006

thanx.. it helped me also...)

- Schuaeb - 09-26-2006

Xak I would suggest that do have some more information. What I have heard is it's almost impossible for an oversear student to get a training contract with any firm in England. A friend of mine after qualifying ACCA moved to uk. Despite his two yeared search he was not able to a training contract in any firm. Resultantly he changed his profession and started MBA.

- Zikria Yamin - 10-09-2006

If a person Passes Two papers of Advance stage as independent student and also has ACCA then even there are fewer chances for training contract.

- safy007 - 10-13-2006

Currently its very hard to find articles in Uk dur to high compition.
I have many friends in Uk who have wasted years to find ICAEW contract but still end up working in Mc donalds.

So plz think before u come to Uk.