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MBA specialisation - Abdul Basir - 08-06-2006


My name is Basir. I am student of MBA in final year. This is the time to choose amongst various fields for the specialisation in MBA. I am interested in finance, but still inconfident to finallize it. The reason being that I dont want myself to be involved in any kind of interest (RIBA) transactions. Now I am not sure wether I will be able to get a job that must be RIBA free after doing MBA in Finance. Kindly urgent responses would be highly appreciated from all friends.

- shahzada - 08-06-2006

My friend Everyone in pakistan is involved in RIBA either directly or indirectly. You can chose Marketing and its job prospects are higher than finance

- Pracs - 08-07-2006

Yes you could do that and steer of finance completely.