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Should I leave ACCA? - junsag75 - 08-06-2006 04:31 PM

I am a student of ACCA, sitting 2.4,2.5,2.6 this December.I am worried about my future studies reason being i am suffering from breathing problems and when the times of pressure comes i just unable to deliver. My breathing problem started in 2004 jun, whin i first lost my breath during my acca revision phase. At that time i was unable to sit that june exams due to said problem. As a result i came back from UK, to Pakistan and from then onwards i do have same problems but at low level. As may age is now 30 and i am very much worried about my career, due to said problem i lost 4 opportunities of sitting my exams that is 2 years from june 2004 till now. i.e dec 2003 i passed exams till paper 2.3. From then i am unable to pass any exams due to this problem. I prepare for the exams with full of courage and believe me i always prepare it 100% but when ever i reach exam centre or near exams i start shaking and at the end of the day i loose the opportunity to sit exams. I am currently 30years old in the middle of my career, no articles till now due to said problem, should i leave ACCA OR WHAT?
Your valueable advice will be highly regarded.

- Asifkhan - 08-10-2006 07:49 PM


Am sorry to hear about your condition, however, in order to answer your question i would like to ask you one question I.e. What do you have in your mind after giving up on ACCA? Do you intend to join any other course? If the answer is yes than how would you cope with the pressure that particular line of engagement would bring with it?

I am sure you must have contacted some Physician or Psychiatrist about your condition if not in opinion you should.

Best of luck with your health and career.