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come here students who want join Firm - Flower - 09-18-2006

hi here is Faizan i have given papers of D module now.
i want that all students who have given d moid papers or have passed ca inter and r willing to join Firm.

we will get together and discuus about firms and oppurtunities and how to avail them.
first of all rank the firms now

- Flower - 09-18-2006

we will walk from a sequence. first of all we will rank firms in order of thier priority. then we will try to discuss about selection crieteria. and so on...........

so first of all please give names of favourite firms

- noman - 09-18-2006

my priority is as follows.


i just want to know
1-what is asked in their competency test...
2-do we need to drop CV or fill their application form now or after result?

- Flower - 09-18-2006

yar please dont use abbreviation, please use full names

- Schuaeb - 09-19-2006

The firms you mentioned Noman requires a form to be filled, however, a CV is to be accompanied with the form. Different competency tests different firms have, and in various cases it does not count very much.

- noman - 09-19-2006

schuab could u please tell me whether it is a good idea to submit CV/form at this time before the results have been declared??? becoz someone is telling me that i should drop cv/give form now and not wait for results.....
what did you do???
where are you doing articles? i am in lahore..

for those who don't have info...
this is the link to icap document containing details and contacts of firms..

for those in lahore

Lahore Office
201, Office Block
Siddiq Trade Center,
72- Main Boulevard,
Gulberg-II, Lahore
Telephone +92 (042) 5781751-5
Telefax +92 (042) 5781757

Mall View Building 4 - Bank Square

Telephone (92-42) 7211531- 8
Fax (92-42) 7211539, 7211530

M. Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Apt. 4, Block-B,
90-Canal Park
Gulberg II
Lahore -54600
Off. 5756440, 5757022, 5753546
Fax. 5757335

A.F. Ferguson & Co.
Chartered Accountants
505-509, 5th Floor,
Alfalah Building
P.O.Box 39
Off. 6307127-30 Fax. 6361954

- Flower - 09-19-2006

yar shyed ap ko ye mazaq ki baat lage but muje ye samajh nahi a rahi k ye kpmg ya aff and others what are. please tell me their full names . i shall be grateful to u noman

- maani - 09-19-2006

if u have appeared in mod D papers then you must be aware of such abbreviations...i remember during my study of Mod A to Mod D, I have heard these names very frequently...
Anywayz, for kids like you here is the information...

Price Waterhouse Coopers(A.F Ferguson)
Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co)
Ernst & Young (Fords Rhodes Sydat Hyder-FRSH)
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (M Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co-MYASCO)

Names of firms in brackets are the firms in Pakistan representing the International Big 4 Firms...

The above mentioned address of MYASCO (Deloitte) is the old one...its current address is "66-E, FCC, Syed Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg IV Lahore"

- capricorn_me - 09-19-2006

all 4, specially AFF needs a good 'safarish' rather then a good C.V
their last recruitement of 20 trainees(in group B) comprises of 19 on safarish basis and 1 on merit
so friendz, what u say/thinks now???
i dont know y dont u think on other firms , like Riaz & co, or any good growing firm. and in these firm u get much good expousure then in Big 4. don sure abt rest 3 but in AFF the atmosphere is like that, u r going to 4,5 companies only again and again.
and unfortunatley if u go for PTCL audit then u hav to complete whole 3 years there(bull**** yaar)
whats that????
but one thing is that u got ' THAPA of AFF'
i dont know y our employers dont think abt that, r they this much innocent.???
wht r ur opinions/??

- noman - 09-20-2006

i am interested in KPMG...i heard that in AFF you get limited exposure only...
and MYASCO people are too harsh....all that i heard i don't know anything...
but my preference will be KPMG or FRSH....

and MYASCO details i posted is outdated (don't blame me...i copied from icap's list...its their fault)

what about my CV question...??
a senior person (module F) told me that firms finalize the applications even before result it declared....and he told me that i should apply immediatly....
but i called them..
kpmg and frsh......both of them said they are not going to even accept an application....

what do u guys ...who are doing articles now...suggest>?

- Flower - 09-21-2006

thanx for explaining firms. waise i m surprised and confused to know that students have very much knowledge about firms.
by blessing of God i have passed three mods without any chance of refer and now hopeful about d module. but i have no knowledge about mera kia bane ga ab.
yahan to bare knowledgeable log hain. chalen kher Allah behter kare ga.

- noman - 09-21-2006

how was ur costa accounting paper mr.phool??
you will get to know firms....don't worry....i know because a cousine of mine is doing ca...ordinary students usually don't know that much...

- Flower - 09-26-2006

heloo janab.
acha to ab bat karte ahin selection nad test procedures k baare main.
first of all applications are sen perhaps CV;s then test then interview

and then u r selected.
and attempts + test + interview + luck + reference
now u have to give weightage to these factors

- Sarfaraz - 10-01-2006

Reference 9 out of 10
and Attempts + test + interview + luck 1 out of 10 Wink

- Flower - 10-01-2006

mr. sarfraz u have been very biased. i think it is never reality. abhi pakistan main aisa time nehi aya.
waise have u any experience on which ur assertion is based.
or just aise hi