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What is SAP? - zainahmed - 12-01-2006

hi everyone
Please tell me what is SAP?
what does it stand for?
how can one do?
what is the duration is it hard to do? etc
plz tell me the details about it as i am new to this...

- zainahmed - 12-02-2006

no body here who can tell me about SAP???

- Abdur.Rehman - 12-13-2006

SAP is not a degree
it is an ERP(entity resource planning) software, used by multinationals to streamline all the activities of their business....
i dont think there is any digree with this name..

- capricorn_me - 12-17-2006

yes, its not a degree. its just like a traning(like for erp. , which is not much operate in pakistan but trend is moving towards it)

in very simple, u may think it a training for a software/I.S operating all functions/activities of a Co.

- Abdur.Rehman - 12-18-2006

SAP is not a training....
In Pakistan ICI has implemented a SAP, which gives all the financial and other data i.e. sales, stock, production.
Siemens Pakistan has also implemented a SAP...
The organizations which have implemented SAP gives training to its employees in SAP, But i dont think that there is any separate course, as it is an entity specific software and differs with the nature of business...

- zainahmed - 12-19-2006

from where i can do this course, whats the duration and does it need any past qualification

- rashid.hakeem - 12-28-2006

Dear Mr. Zain Ahmed,

SAP stands for System Application Product in Data Processing. It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) developed by EX IBMer in Germany in 1974. Currently SAP holds more than worldwide 60% of ERP Market where the next biggest competitor is Oracle Financial with PeopleSoft with 18-20% worldwide market. ERP computerizes all functions of the company interlinking them in such a way the effects of one transaction is felt in different departments. For example. If a Goods is received in the Store, Purchasing is updated and informed that the item has arrived, Accounts gets updated with JV entry Debit Stocks and Credit GR/IR Account, Treasury is alerted that Payment is due and hence cash forecasting is updated. If the Item is to be used in Production as raw material, the scheduling of the Shop floor is updated and hence Sales is updated for possible delivery date.
Each ERP System is divided into modules and training is conducted on each individual modules. If you require more information, Contact me at 0300-279-2979 or office 021-438-7249. I have conducted more than 10 Academies in FI Module.
Rashid Hakeem