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Scope for a CA from abroad - imrank - 12-24-2006

Salam alaikum to all,

This is my first post and am looking for a very honest and reliable answer to my question to which I will be very thankful.

I am a recent Chartered Accountant in Australia and am thinking to come back to Pakistan close to my family.

What is the scope of it in Pakistan? I have got around 5 years experience mainly in business services and tax. Would I be better off doing some kind of extra course here in Australia before coming or what? I would perhaps do some courses in Pakistan maybe?

This is a big step for me as you can all understand. I need some kind of input from you expereinced people.

Thanks a lot for your possible input.



- hanifasif - 12-24-2006

Dear Imran,

This is from Institute of chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP's) website........

"The examination and the training prescribed by the following Chartered Accountancy institutes will be treated as equivalent to the examinations and training prescribed under the Chartered Accountants Bye-Laws 1983 for the purpose of membership of ICAP

iv. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA); and

Provided that if such members desire to start practice as Chartered Accountants they will have to pass the papers of Advanced Taxation and Corporate Laws of the Final stage Examinations of ICAP."

In Pakistan ACA is big qualification and you can become ICAP's ACA by claiming reciprocal membership. You wont find things too bad for you in Pak, that's for sure. You have five years exp + and you would have dual membership of two world class chartered accountancy bodies. Its a perfect recipe for success.

Best wishes