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Transfer of Articles from Pak to UK - wobhee - 01-17-2007

I don't know much about CA and working in the UK. My fiancee is doing CA in Pakistan and has passed her foundation (intermediate) examinations from ICAP. She will be coming over to UK (Scotland in particular) in summer this year and she would like to continue her CA in the UK. Therefore, I would like to know if her CA articles (training period are transferrable to the Institute of CA in Scotland? Is there any relationship between the 2 institutes that allows this kind of transfer?

Thanks very much.

- Nauman - 01-19-2007

I dont think that is possible, she will have to register with ICAEW and start over from scratch, she might be able to get an exemption or two but even that I doubt.

- Pracs - 01-23-2007

She will not be able to get any credit for the articles/work experience, however, she will have some exemptions/credits in ICAS (Scotish institute) or ICAEW (the English institute) or ACCA/CIMA. She will need to check with the respective institutes on this.