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CAT - help needed - saira - 01-28-2007

hey there..i need to get a lil info regarding CAT. im sure alot of u out here must have done it or wud hv even cum across CAT. ive done my o-levels, but never had accounts as a basically..i hv no knowledge at all abt accounts. i dont plan to do my a-levels..rather i wnt to go for CAT..all i wanted to know is..does CAT start from the basic of accnts..or do i need to hv sum knowledge of it b4 going for CAT? if any1 cud let me know be thankful..

- accountingunlimited - 01-28-2007

Dear Saira
CAT starts with very basics of accounts so you dont have to worry about that. And you dont have to take any course for that. Additionally I would recommend you to carry on your A levels, because it will help you in future.

- Salmancert - 01-28-2007

Dear Saira,
You have placed the topic in wrong category. If you would have placed it in Students category you should have obtained a better response.

- saira - 01-28-2007

i did put it under the Students category but no one replied so i had to put it here..anyway i got my ans but ill try there..thnx)