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acca 14 papers stipend - khani - 02-02-2007

I want to know that what stipend is normally given to a student who has completed 14n papers of audit firms and industry.

- khani - 02-02-2007

will some one write something

- Junaid - 02-03-2007

If u want to start sitting for ICAP's exams on the basis of u'r current qualification you will be given exemption from first four modules. For articles minimum stipend rate for this level is Rs.3200/-, on passing module E it will be Rs. 5000 and, if ur lucky enough, on pasing module F it will be Rs. 10000/- And most probably same rate will be applicable if you only want to gain the required work experience for ACCA membership.

- Junaid - 02-03-2007

And in industry there are no fixed rates. The multi national companies which are approved employers of ACCA will pay you good.

- khani - 02-09-2007

I have heard that the good named audit firms give at least Rs. 8000/= per month and also holidays for preparation for the next studies, I want to go for ca from ICAP as well .please guide me about Kazim Abas as a teacher in Karachi. Which audit firm should I choose?.give me advice.