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Internet2 - CBPian - 11-19-2003

Why Internet2?
The Internet was not designed for
Millions of users, Congestion, Multimedia, Real time interaction
But, only the Internet can
Accommodate explosive growth, Enable convergence of information work, mass media, and human collaboration
However, Today’s Internet Doesn’t Provide reliable end-to-end performance, Encourage cooperation on new capabilities, Allow testing of new technologies, Support development of revolutionary applications.

We are already hearing that the stock of 12 digit IPs is finishing up very quickly so there is a need for enhanced IP addressing regime.
Further fast computing and collaboration and real-time services are not achievable with the current version of Internet.

Internet2 is a collaborative effort of US universities at the moment.

Internet2 Network Infrastructure comprises Backbones at 2.4 Gbps (OC48) to 10 Gbps (OC192) capacity today, GigaPoPs provide regional high-performance aggregation points and Local campus networks provide 100 Mbps to the desktop.

soon we will see real-time computing where projects such as SETI@home (batch distributed computing) will be replaced with real-time distributed computing enabling any computer to be part of a super-distributed computer.

real-time collaboration will be possible e.g. during an operation an endoscope will transmit images in real time to remote surgeons to advise operating surgeons.

Other application would include...embedded devices such as fire-sensing chips inside vehicles will be able to connect to i2 to seek help from nearest fire station.

...visit http// to learn more

- zubair - 11-20-2003

Hi CBPian

Good information you have provided.

May I add few more sectors from India.... Three of the biggest IT consulting firms in india inlcuding TCS and TATA consulting have reported a 70% planned increase in IT recruitment over the next 12 months.... Fuelling IT market is the reported reason..... I believe indian market is a good barometer of worldwide IT demand.

Here we see reports on weekly basis of companies locating their backend operations to india...... Even one of the biggest name finance house in city is planning to locate front end reasearch operations to india......

There are strong sings of IT revival.