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B.S. (Hons) Economics & Finance at NUML - chaudhry - 04-09-2007 07:02 PM

Dear ALL,

I feel proud to introduce you about the B.S. (Hons) Economics & Finance programme at NUML.

<b>Aims & Objectives</b>

To prepare experts with following attributes

• Grasp over mainstream economics and integration of modern economics;

• To meet the challenging needs of business, industry and financial institutions by preparing manpower fully equipped with professional skill and knowledge of economics, accounting, finance, banking and law with special orientation in global trends.

• Competence to independently carry out theoretical and applied research; and

• Enhance capability to teach 4-year undergraduate programme. The demand for such a program had been apparent to us for quite some time and we will be the first in Pakistan to develop the curricula keeping in view the challenging needs ahead for our country in particular and those of the Islamic world in general.

You can get more info from <b>http//</b>

Saeed Chaudhry