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what i should do? - M. SAAD QAZI - 11-26-2003

i m student of (d.j sc college of
i want to take information about that, what i should do acca or acturial sciences.if acca so from which university i should do,or if acturial sciencs so from which university is best in karachi or in pakistan.
plz reply me
and giv me brief suggestion about it
please<img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle><b></b>[b<font size=5></font id=size5><b></b>

- sumaaan - 11-27-2003

No offence intended, I recommend you gather information about ACCA and CA personally from some students or professionals because as I see it, I don't see you having a strong base of knowledge about them.

No universities offer ACCA or CA or even Actuarial Sciences (which is totally a different study from ACCA/CA)... Students of ACCA/CA take tuitions from Institutes, some even study by themselves because what matters is your practical work experience exposure.

If you need detailed information about ACCA/CA/CIMA/ICMA/CFA/CPA/MBA/CISA or Actuarial Sciences, we are always here to help you out... Kindly post what kind of information you are looking for (admission, examination, etc).