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- yasir_live - 04-23-2010

1 Sardar Yar jab main chota tha tab main 5 Mannzlia Building se gira tha.
2 Sardar Yar tu mar gya tha ya bach gya tha.

1 Sardar Kaisi baatein karte ho muje kya pata tub main bohat chota tha.

- yasir_live - 04-23-2010

Friend to sardar yaar tu aaj to doctor ke pas jane wala tha kya huva?..

sardar replies- aaj meri tabiyat theek nahi hai kal jaoonga...

- yasir_live - 04-25-2010

Son Abbu bachay zyada intellegent hotay ha ya Baap?

Father Baap.

Son Abbu Telephone Kisne banaya?

Father Garaham Bell ne.

Son Us k Baap ne q nahi banaya?

- yasir_live - 04-25-2010

Ek Molvi Ne Jesy Tesy Kr K 1 Larki Set Ki Aur Usse 12 Baje Milne Ka Time Diya,

Lekin 12 Baje wo Nahi Aai Molvi Se Sabar Na Howa,

Usne Masjid K Loud Speaker Pe Ailaan Kiya
Hazraat Zaruri Ailaan Sunye 12 Baj Chuke Hein,

Or Momino Jo Wada Kro Usse Poora Karo

- yasir_live - 04-26-2010

Bush Pathan se

“Tum Mula Umer ka Pata do Hum Tum ko Titanic Wali Bachi de Ga”


“Hum tum ko Osama b dega,
Agr tum titanic wala bacha dO.

- yasir_live - 04-26-2010

Dad beti tum bari ho k kia baoun gee?

Beti maa banoun gee,
shadi karoun gee,
study karoun gee,

Dad beti sub kuch karna laki tarteeb sahi rakhna

- ciapk - 05-05-2010

I married a CA girl.
She use LIFO method while taking out refrigerated Food
She capitalized the wedding expenses as preliminary expenses and writing off it every year
The time spent on dating with her will be valued under IAS-38
She tells me that as per Companies Ordinance, I must keep a copy of every thing for 10 years
When wedding cards were sent, she sent positive confirmation from guests.

- Astute Accountant - 06-01-2010


One day a box wasn’t opening…
Lawyer came, applied all laws but it didn’t open…
Chemist came, applied all reactions but it didn’t open…
Physicist came, applied all forces but no change…
Even the biologist failed…
Mathematician came and said…
“Lets suppose the box is open”… D


A student flips a coin and thinks,

Head – I’ll go to sleep…

Tail – I’ll watch a movie…

Stand – I’ll listen to music…

Stays in air – I’ll study. Wink

- WARDAH - 06-01-2010

hahahahaha gud jokes astute

- Astute Accountant - 06-02-2010

Thanks dear! )

- crazybuoy - 06-17-2010

During a service at an old synagogue in Eastern Europe, when the Shema prayer was said, half the congregants stood up and half remained sitting. The half that was seated started yelling at those standing to sit down, and the ones standing yelled at the ones sitting to stand up...

The rabbi, learned as he was in the Law and commentaries, didn't know what to do. His congregation suggested that he consult a housebound 98-year old man, who was one of the original founders of their temple. The rabbi hoped the elderly man would be able to tell him what the actual temple tradition was, so he went to the nursing home with a representative of each faction of the congregation.

The one whose followers stood during Shema said to the old man, "Is the tradition to stand during this prayer?"

The old man answered, "No, that is not the tradition." The one whose followers sat asked, "Is the tradition to sit during Shema?"

The old man answered, "No, that is not the tradition."

Then the rabbi said to the old man, "The congregants fight all the time, yelling at each other about whether they should sit or stand..."

The old man interrupted, exclaiming, "THAT is our tradition!"

- Astute Accountant - 01-08-2011

A lady broke a signal and was presented in front of the judge.
Lady Your honor please let me go. I’m a school teacher, getting late for my class…
Judge Aahaa! So you are a teacher, I’ve waited for this moment all my life, now write down “I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH A RED LIGHT” 5000 times!


A thought for all graduates

A thermometer isn’t the only thing that gets a degree without having a brain!!!