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Joining Firms!!! - Sunny84 - 10-30-2007

Please advise me with regards to joining firms for Articleship. Currently i'm in Mod-D, waiting for March 2008 exams. What is the best time to apply for Articleship, is it after the immediately exams of Mod-d (i.e. before the result is declared) or after the declaration on result of mod-D?
If also heard about guys doing Interships in the Big4 firms. What is the difference between internship and articleship, and what do u think is preferable to secure a seat in Big4?
What are the prerequisites for joing the Big4? i've already heard alot about "reference", but is it really too necessary. Actually i dont have a reference, is it possible for me to join any good firm in this situation.
Actually, can any one of u do me a favour of providing his/her reference for me? Is that possible?
Another important question, which city do u think i should apply from for articleship, Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad?
I would be extremely thankful and appriciate a sincere and serious reply from all friends.
You can even mail me at

- XBRL - 10-30-2007

Dear friend i would request u to kidly browse through various posts of this forum. On number of ocassions have we all posted about the similar question to number of people. U have 43 posts so u can easily brwose thru.

If u want to be in big firm u should have passed CA inter in 4 attempts or max 6. Dial 17, get number of these firms, ask the receptionist and they will tell u what to do.

As regard reference, do first get gud score and then luk for someone who knows u personally. U cant ask random people to provide reference. Can u?


- adnan12 - 11-16-2007

If you want reference i will available INSHA ALLAH,send your CA to me.

- adnan12 - 11-16-2007

send your CV not CA

- Sunny84 - 11-28-2007

Thanks adnan12. So kind and considerate of u. Would u please e-mail me at my e-mail address, or give me ur e-mail address. Thanks once again.

- adnan12 - 11-29-2007

my email adress is

- Jahanzaib - 12-12-2007

Hi ..

i m an ACCA student..and have just attempted F7 F8 F9 papers and still have to give F4 (Law) along with core the next session... as most of the guys here says that in order to join big 4 u need to have a strong reference otherwise your chances are slim ...

i want to know that what will be better .joining a small/medium size firm or going in an industry.i know that these 2 are very different things .. but i m asking for an to what should a student do ...

furthermore..i want 2 know that is there any Non-Big 4 firm that sends its trainees on secondments??
and i will also be thankful if any 1 of u guys tell me the eligibility criteria for applying Big 4. and what firm should i apply after the Big 4.( i have completed CAT,if this is of any help.and going to attempt bcom part 2 (pvt) papers this jan... and i live in karachi )

and after my ACCA m planning to go plx do tell me what choice will be better either joining small/medium firms or industry(if i dont get the chance to join the Big 4) in this regards too ...

awaiting your replies !

- Muhammad Amir - 12-13-2007

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"> want to know that what will be better .joining a small/medium size firm or going in an industry.i know that these 2 are very different things .. but i m asking for an to what should a student do ... <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

Dear Jahanzaib Industry as a basis of a career is not a good option. If you talk to some senior prefessionals they will always reccommand you to join firm and then atleast after 2 years of relevant audit experiance you can choose your further career, at this very basic stage of studies one can't choose his field of interest and he can't assume what suits him best, i am also an ACCA student I have recently attempted F7, F8 and F9 and i will insha Allah attempt core in next attempt but i can't still think about the field of my interest as this is very basic level of studies, howevere once you have started your experiance in any audit firm(irrespect of its size whether it is small firm or big one) then after some time you can be able to assess about the field of your interest Audit firm's experiance has no other alternative and if some one after ACCA strats using industry as the area of experiance and basis of career then he just restricts himself in the boundry of industry but this is not the case in Audit experiance if you wish to change your career in to Industry your Audit experiance will also work there as well, joining big firms is not that HAWWA as people made it, you need to show your full potiential in interviews(both HR and Finance) leave rest on Allah(he is the biggest referance)...

There are people who irrespective of the fact that they obtained their Audit Experiance from Small firms still they are on the top of many of those who obtained their career from BIG 4, this all depends on your luck...


Muhammad Amir

- Jahanzaib - 12-14-2007

Thanks Amir for your reply ...

if its not too much of a trouble ...can u guys tell me when can i apply Ford Rhodes MYASCO n AASR and m i even eligible to apply in these firms or not ??i have provided my detials in the above post

Awaiting your Replies


- Schuaeb - 12-15-2007

Dear Jhanzaib,

For big firms I suggest that you need to qualify your ACCA first. I don't know the city you belong to, but in Lahore it is very difficult for a student to get recruited in a big firm who has not qualified ACCA.

However, take your chance at AASR, I think they recruit part qualified ACCAs (however, it is not among big3). The list of firms after big three is available on this forum



- Jahanzaib - 12-15-2007

Thanks Schuaeb for your reply ...

Well i live in Karachi . and i m confused .. i thought ford Rhodes recurit ACCA students who have cleared up to 2.3. and that ford Rhodes has the highest number of ACCA students working in their firm ...and that MYASCO also recruit part qualified ACCA students

I want to know that since AASR has a foreign Membership with GT... do they send their trainees on secondments like the Big 4 or not???

and if its not too much of a trouble ... can to tell me in what order should it prioritize firms after the Big 4 n AASR ( i have seen the names of other audit firms like AA Baig n Ebrahim n Co .. but m still confused) . I really need to start something cause now i think all my classes will b in evening and i thought instead wasting my time i should start something ... and i m focusing on Audit firms cause majority here says that Audit firm (whether Big 4 or Non-Big 4) is a better option then going in a industry.

Awaiting Replies

- Muhammad Amir - 12-17-2007

Dear Jahanzaib its true that FRSH's benchmark for ACCA is 2.3(F6-Taxation) simialrly 2.6(F8-Audit) for KPMG...

But they actually induct some more experianced students i mean If FRSH's benchmark is 2.3 then they will hardly recruit a single ACCA student at this level even they ignore 2.5(Financial Reporting) and 2.4(Financial Management) passed individuals I don't know about others but KPMG and FRSH recruit atleast part2 qualified Individuals...

AASR and BDO they both are good firms you can also try there but first you should apply in BIG 4...

I would suggest that you atleast need to complete your Essential(Core)Module then it will be easy to start articles from BIG 4...

- Jahanzaib - 12-17-2007

Thanks Amir for your reply !!

i know about KPMG taking part 2 qualified that is why i think i wont bother applying there.because as you just said that both KPMG n ford Rhodes (in reality) induct part 2 u guys think that this is rite or should i apply in KPMG even though i don't fulfill their requirements ??

Can u guys tell me are there any secondment opportunities in AASR? i have checked BOD EBRAHIM & CO's website its mentioned there that they too take part 2 cleared ACCA students.

And when can i apply i the Big 4,AASR ??? do these firms recruit trainees in particular month or we can apply anytime ??

And God forbid if i m not able to make into the Big 4 or AASR then should i go for other firms or should in join another company for a the time being while trying for these firms again?

Awaiting Replies

- Muhammad Amir - 12-19-2007

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">BOD EBRAHIM & CO's website its mentioned there that they too take part 2 cleared ACCA students.
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

Hayrat Hay BDO Kay Itnay Nakhray!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear JahanZaib If you want to start your Articles from now, then i think Yousuf Adil(Member Firm Of Delloite) will be able to induct you as trainee, as you have mentioned that your law is the only outstanding paper in your 'F' Series its highly likely that MYSCo. will recruit you...

Before Trying in AASR and BDO I think you should apply in MYSCo.

There are some other Firms with good rating as well do not restrict you in the circle of 5 or 6 firms...


Muhammad Amir

- Schuaeb - 12-25-2007

I think the options in Karachi after big4 are GT and BDO. And if you are unable to seek recruitment there you can go to other firms