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need help !!!! plz - MANoSAURoUS - 12-11-2003

hi ma name is Usman u can call me mano .... its very interesting site .... n seems to b very supportive one 2 .
its like i m through ma december xames of CAT n now i m free . i was woundering to learn some accountency softwares .. in this spare time ... plz guide me wat softwares r used in offices n r helpfull to get n accountency job .. plz i m seeking a guide line ..also if someone know the place from where i can learn them also in fo me that too .. i live in defence[ iss keh aas paas koie institute hoo ]
okay broz n sis i beta leave now
ll catch u later
do reply me okay
by e
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- jbladeus - 12-11-2003

My dear Mano

u have no chance whatsoever of finding a job if you keep using deliberately this type of slang/abbreviated english in your composition. 'XAMES' What???!!!

For your kind information, the word 'exams' too is a five-letter word. And if your intention was to make it look cool, then believe me, it doesnt.

On one hand was this member just a few days ago who was worried about her english even though her writing was near-perfect, and here is our Mano sahib...

aah well..

Coming to the topic, i do not think that there are any proper institutes around who teach accounting packages. But if you really are interested, i would recommend Quicken, Quickbooks or Peachtree, as these are the best accounting solutions around for small to mid-sized enterprises.

Arrrgh... it sure's gonna be mighty rough sailin' today ... mates!

- webmoxter - 12-12-2003

In my opinion you should learn peachtree accounting software as it is mostly used in the firms and for using accounting softwares you should have a sense of general entries n you will get start

Ok bye dear