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can any one tell? - darvaish - 04-19-2003

any one can tell in which air to fly 4 Modue E.can any one tell
the runway?i.e. how 2 start studies?the starting point?tempo?
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adeel AHMAD adi.

- Asif - 04-27-2003

haan dil laga ker parho mere jaaaaan!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,

- sirhandi - 04-28-2003

he heh eh...ya dil zaroori hay lekin dimagh ka istamal na bholna.. accounting n reporting have merged n few topics have
been xcluded from it but u never know n can xpect nething with these go through line by line of IAS n concerntrate on to forget 12,19,32,36,39 they r essential aswell

now audit...well u c as the paper is practical based so it depends
like hell that how much u r equipped with the xperience...again isa
is the key....aur haan ASSURANCE n bholna...

law tu law hay yaara......bohat bore hay khair perhna tu hay hina..
lekin fir bhi other laws go ghota laga lo..waise (faida koi nahi
perho na perho aik baat )

well mgt is relatively new sub for ca guyz...they dont have nexposure
to this sub...fir bhi its nothing but the routine work...learn the
theories n read only the rest haan u should b able to apply the n
techniques on mgt IF required.....

last but not the least DUA karo ke pass hojain kiyonke agar yeh cheez
xaminer ke haat hoti tu aaaj 100000 ca hotay ha ha ha ha...aur haan
jo yaad karo likh ker yaad karo...aik nahi das dafa likho.....

best of luck...