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Extension - webmoxter - 12-16-2003

Can any body suggest me how to increase the clients with the bounds of icaps rules and regulation


- XBRL - 12-20-2003

umm well if u r serious abt making more clients u will have to spend pennies, in making ur PR. One thing is very true.. get strong on the tax practice area. hire some more competent and be very aggressive on ur tax practice. be very cooperative with the clerical staff of Tax depptt. as at times they recomend/refer ppl to u. be very good in client care and make some friends from Tax deptt,,

Tax clientele always attract audit,,,

plus open a pvt ltd company as ABC Associates pvt Ltd as mgt consultacy and then advertise for the mgt consultancy,, which may attract clients,,

one thing for sure is that clientele extension is not an easy task so join some good club get membership and be very very social but do have one competant person working for u while u are wideing the social circle...... if u r in lahore join punjab club or gymkhana or defence etc.. just to make relations and not to advertise mind it..........

- webmoxter - 12-20-2003

Thank you for your impressive advice man