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- Schuaeb - 01-12-2009


Living in fool's paradise, how can the phrase be better understood than the hilarious and gibberish arguments given by some novice but enthusiastic accountants.

ACCA vs ICAP don’t ever think that any such comparison can exist in Pakistani market. To be very honest, it is almost impossible for fresh ACCAs to find any respectable position in Pakistani market. One of the reasons for this is that there is no compulsion for anything like articleship in ACCA. On the very other hand there are a sizeable number of ICAP members who are earning six digit salaries within no time of qualification. Any body who doubts it may get it confirmed by looking at various examples in the market. In my personal opinion there cannot be any two opinions about the difference in prestige and worth associated with these qualifications in our homeland.

Disagreement may exist about the reasons, and ACCA members do have got the right to think that this difference is due to negative propaganda against ACCA by ICAP members. However, for ICAP members any such concept is sheer idiocy as no such propaganda was never required against ACCA by ICAP members. However, there may not be any limit of fooling one’s ownself.

My personal suggestion for all those who wish to pursue career while remaining in Pakistan, ACCA is never a bad option to start with, I have said it at a number of places at this forum, however, it should never be considered as a full fledge qualification. It’s a good route for starting CA (ICAP), as its easier to qualify and its comparatively a secured route. ICAEW may be another choice as well, however, as its new in Pakistan doubts may exist about how future turns out to be and ICAP being the local accountancy body will always have the advantage as is the trend world over.

The risk associated with selection of CA (ICAP) as a career is that it proves too tough for many to qualify. The key too success for it is primarily the professional attitude and not hard work like donkeys. Many students who opt for CA are unable to qualify and consequently they have to go for other qualifications, all this process may claim reasonable of one’s golden time. I now many students who opted for MBA or ACCA as the remained unsuccessful.

Logical arguments whether full of disagreements are always welcomed. A lot of other misconceptions shown by various members needs clarification. However, to avoid getting lengthy I will come to those later.



- rabia-k - 01-13-2009

as for mr ali he says By the way you all will be surprised to know that I myself am an ACCA Professional Level Student (just sat P1,P2, and P3) But if I have chosen something, it doesn't mean it is right. "

he is indirectly saying that what he is doing is WRONG.. then y is he doin ACCA??? it seems that a person is doing something, which he calls wrong, and is yet doing absurd

- mroneflower - 01-13-2009

Dear Rabia-K

Do not worry about these people as there are expert in changing their statements, infact they either do not know anything about accountancy profession or are just hypocrites. You need to talk to them in their language.

In post number 21 on page 2 of this thread Kamran said <font color="red">There may be certain partners in recognised firms having other than CA qualification including ACCA or CPA and they may be doing very well because doing well depends upon so many factors. Still, the point raised is valid that the profession has always been in the hands of CAs if we talk about the quality of the clientle portfolio. </font id="red">

But when he was told that in many countries of the world accountants are known as CPA he changed his statement and said in his last post, <font color="red">They are also CPAs in other countries. Such renowned firms mainly represent CA or CPA bodies at the originating place of such firms</font id="red">.

If CPA is the main body of some countries then how CAs are running main firms.

I therefore leave it to Kamran to decide if he is hypocrite or do not know anything about worlds accountancy profession. This is the reason I say ICAP is third class institute producing third class accountants who are not even full accountants if are judged at international level.

Kamran has admitted that there is difference between ACCA UK qualified and ACCA Pakistan qualified. He has also been saying that ICAP people teach and train ACCA students in Pakistan. If UK qualified ACCA are better than Pakistani Qualified ACCA, then it would be means ICAP people are not competent enough to teach and train students properly. It would in turns mean ICAP people are incompetent and third class accountant.

Furthermore, If we accept the argument that UK qualified are better than Pakistani ACCA qualified then it would mean ICAP people think only those people are well qualified who studied in UK. After sometimes they will start saying ICAEW UK qualified and ICAEW Pakistani qualified, its mean ICAP people are still mentally slaves and they do not care about standard of examinations they just care about place, means if from UK someone do third class course from third class university they will be afraid of the person and will not give any weight to Pakistani intelligent students who did good qualification while sitting in Pakistan. Everyone can see the mentality of ICAP people.

I want to say is loud that there is no difference between ACCA UK qualified and ACCA Pakistan qualified both are equal. ACCA UK qualified is not better than Pakistani ACCA qualified nor Pakistani ACCA qualified is better than UK ACCA qualified. The reason of this both take and pass some examinations.

Kamran also commented and said <font color="red">I don't support the statement that ACCAs are engaged in audits of beauty saloons, still, it may not be as weird as it is being taken. I, however, feel that there are so many beauty saloons whose earning may be better than normal private limited companies. May we have some such saloons incorporated as private limited companies, although I am not confirmed?</font id="red">

If he is not comfirmed about anything or never been out of Pakistan then he should not commented on it in first place. I have mentioned it before and I am mentioning it again for ICAP people ( as ICAP are so dump and don’t understand anything in first hand one has to keep on explaining them again and again) that ACCA is allowed to carry out audit of public limited companies (plcs) in 80 countries of the world. For ICAP people information plcs are those companies whose shares can be bought and sold in stock exchange (its very simple definition of plc as I tried to keep it simple so that ICAP people understand). May be ICAP people are only doing audit of private companies that is why he mentioned private companies. Anyway ICAP only 13 members are working in practice outside Pakistan, remember these people are not working outside Pakistan because they are ICAP member they are working abroad as they are member of other International accountancy bodies (such as ACCA). Means ICAP put their pictures on someone else passport.

ICAP people are continuously saying legal status means audit. From these kinds of statements one can conclude that ICAP can only do audit and nothing else, but ACCA is much more than audit.

ICAP people are continuously saying CA firms outside Pakistan are ruling and having majority of ACA partners. If we accept this statement still ICAP has nothing to do with it as ICAP is not recognized outside Pakistan (remember ICAP only 13 members work abroad in practice). Other ACA do not recognize ICAP but they do recognize ACCA. Once again ICAP is not contributing in international community of ACAs and international ACAs does recognize ICAP. Conclusion even if ACAs are ruling top firms, then there is nothing which makes ICAP proud as there is no place for ICAP people there.

He keeping on saying client portfolio, at least ICAP should feel shame in making this point whose only 13 members works outside Pakistan in practice.

His comments of some one father diplomat are totally rubbish and does not need any reply. Make some valid point man. I have already said whenever ICAP people see they are losing their grip they start using word patriotism. Everyone can see game here.

Schuaeb made some comments which need reply. He said <font color="red">it is almost impossible for any fresh ACCA to have any respectable position in Pakistan.</font id="red"> I personally know a person who qualified from Kaplan London and worked almost one yr in London. Means he was ACCA affliciate (not member) with one yr experience and he got job in State bank of Pakistan in Karachi with 80,000 plus car. In another thread Kamran ICAP member (newly qualified) get about 80,000 to 100,000 with car. ICAP member means person who passed all of ICAP papers plus 5 yrs of experience ( ICAP just reduced training period). So one can decide who is better.

Schaeb also said <font color="red">One of the reasons for this is that there is no compulsion for anything like articleship in ACCA.</font id="red"> Firstly word articleship does no exist anywhere in the world. Only ICAP people are using it, may be ICAP is still living in 18th century, who knows. Every international body including ICAEW (ICAP yardstick) and ACCA use word training and if someone say ACCA does not require training for it students, I can just pray for person so that GOD increase his knowledge. Its again shows ICAP people do not know what is going on in worlds accountancy profession.

I agree with the comments that ACCA can never been considered full qualification amongst ICAP jahils.

I do not know what kind of professional ICAP people are who do not know what is going on in worlds accountancy profession. Anyway ICAEW (ICAP yardstick) proven ICAP is third class institute and ICAP admitted by signing MOU of this kind.

So no need to worry about these hypocrites who are also jahils.


- mroneflower - 01-13-2009

Dear Toronto_Boy

Thanks for giving kind information.


- Ali_87 - 01-13-2009

Dear All!
First of all, my sincerest of apologies to Kamran Bhai for discussing him personally. Kamran Bhai’s personality was discussed in the thread earlier ( I don’t know him personally at all, but I have followed some of his posts) so I thought there was something good to share about him from my side also!

My statements might have seemed contradicting, so here I am to clear the misunderstandings.

Yes, I still feel that in spite of being an ACCA Professional Level student, I am not competent and professional enough to advise someone or to contribute much regarding scope of different qualifications in different markets. I understand that a Professional Level student is expected to have some knowledge, but I have had a very short term approach of going paper to paper (which I know is not the right thing). That is the reason I called myself a layman because I don’t think a person who has just passed the exams is professional enough to contribute and mislead others!

Khalid Bhai, please correct me but I don’t think I advised anyone to do anything.

Whatever I posted was very general. Let me summarize here what I said. I think there is a general consensus amongst all of us that ICAP is more rewarding than ACCA in “Pakistan” Khalid Bhai I said this more than once that I am not comparing the two qualifications. And I am not saying either that ACCA is better or ICAP is better.
What I am saying is that since ICAPs are demanded more by the Pakistani market, then why should someone choose ACCA as his/her career qualification, if he/she intends to live in Pakistan! Shouldn’t we go for something which is demanded more by the country where we plan to live?

As far as patriotism is concerned, Khalid Bhai if there are more chances that by doing ACCA one would have to move away from Pakistan only because of a more rewarding package for ACCA’s. Then why should we go for a qualification which would force us out of our country? Let me add here that there are plenty of reasons for moving abroad which can all be valid. But, what I am saying is that, if ACCA is the only factor which would force one to go abroad, then I think it doesn’t make sense.

Now lets come back to my statements which you found contradicting.
Yes Khalid Bhai, I have chosen myself to go for ACCA! Let me make it very clear that by going for ACCA, it never meant that I was against ICAP. Similarly my first post in favor of ICAP, doesn’t mean that I am not happy with ACCA. See Khalid Bhai I request you to kindly focus on the context in which I am talking about. ACCA is a very good qualification, but since Pakistani market doesn’t have “a lot” of scope for ACCA members then its benefits are less for a person living in Pakistan! However we all know it is a regarded international qualification, so it is good for those who live or intent to live abroad.

I personally chose ACCA as an entry route to ICAP CA (since I plan to live in Pakistan) However now we have ICAEW available as an option as well. And I very much think that ICAEW is also regarded highly in the the Pakistani market. So after doing my ACCA, ill see how things move.

In fact Khalid Bhai, if you can spare sometime, can you please guide me what exemptions are available to ACCA students in ICAEW? Plus does the choice of subjects in optional papers matter in exemptions available? Like I heard from someone that if we take Advanced Taxation in optional papers, we’ll be exempt from Taxation exam in ICAEW. And if we don’t then we will have to take an extra tax exam.

I once again repeat that all qualifications have their own pros and cons. So lets take them normal, and not make an issue out of them. I have highest respect for ACCA, ICAP, and ICAEW!

As for Rabia, I didn’t want to be personal. Though I personally think that there can be better motives to go for a qualification than the ones you mentioned. You made it public yourself…so it was open to criticism. But anyway, I take my words back! As for your question regarding what is so surprising of me being an ACCA Professional Stage Student. You see in my post, I spoke in favor of ICAP. keeping in mind the pattern of this particular thread; as an ACCA student I was expected to write against ICAP. Since I didn’t write anything against ICAP, I thought it would surprise the readers that I have respect for ICAP even though I am an ACCA student. I stand by each and every word I said.

Rabia can you please elaborate the following comment you made
<b>“its demoralising for acca students to hear such rubbish about ACCA like ACCA students idolising and looking up to ICAP members... maybe some students might do such thing but not all ok ...”</b>

I think you’ve given me a perfect example of the point I raised in my first post. That is a perfect example of “HATRED” Now did you understand what I meant when I said that “if I have chosen a qualification, it doesn’t mean it is right” Few members just to prove their qualification right are spreading hatred for other qualification! These are just accountancy qualifications, how can we be hostile against the other one? We are all normal human beings and its just funny to see somebody finding it demoralizing if an ACCA student idolizes or looks up to ICAP members.

Khalid Bhai you also raised a point <b>“First you say its not worth to go for qualification which forces one to live abroad, then you say you are doing ACCA and working outside Pakistan. You are just giving that advise to other on which you cannot act. Its called hypocrisy”</b>

I don’t think this is hypocrisy by any means. Firstly you don’t have to prove your patriotism by living in Pakistan. I live in Australia and I have my own reasons to come here, financial factors forced us to take a break and move from Pakistan. So an accountancy qualification was not the reason for me to move abroad. Obviously I cannot discuss my private life in a public forum so unfortunately I cannot go in much detail. I will be back in Pakistan InshAllah and that’s why I plan for ICAP or ICAEW after ACCA. Since I don’t think ACCA makes me a complete requirement for Pakistani market. Everyone has his/her own circumstances. I will say here again that its not worth to go for a qualification which forces you to live away from your country (if there is no other reason to move abroad).

Another point I wanted to make here. And again this is in context of our Pakistani culture. I would like all of you to think just as Pakistanis that doesn’t it make you happy that Pakistani market is demanding a "Pakistani" qualification. Otherwise in most fields, FSC/ A level students have to go abroad and get a qualification which would earn them a living in Pakistan. But here is something which is purely a Pakistani qualification, being examined in Pakistan, being trained and controlled by Pakistanis!!!

Please think about the common man in Pakistan. We are a third world country and everyone cannot afford to send his children abroad for studies. We can’t imagine how much talent we loose when many intelligent students cannot pursue their studies due to financial problems. Though I am an ACCA student and my personal interest suggests me to hope that ACCA takes over ICAP in Pakistan. But lets think a little broader. Don’t you think its difficult for a common man in Pakistan to pay British Pounds. I am sure ICAP exam entry fee, subscription fee, and tuition fee is not easily affordable as well. But atleast its comparatively affordable than ACCA. So doesn't it please you if ICAP keeps going well, and keep the hopes of the poor alive? Now I know there is a list of professional qualifications which require more funds but have greater outcomes. But I stress again, I am comparing ACCA and ICAP in context of Pakistani market. And I believe this is an added feature of ICAP.

That’s why I say why shouldn’t I be proud of ICAP? I may not be a member or student of ICAP, but im a citizen of the country which ICAP represents.


- kamranACA - 01-13-2009


I don't say that every ACCA is a failure. Further, the struggler is not a weird term at all. That was what I tried to make you understand. If you are not up to it, what can I do for you? You are just concluding your own results and off course you are free to do so. You said you know nothing about Pakistan and still you are making claims. This is the reason of your ignorance, I have already told you.

No body says that one who gets failed in CA should not do ACCA. You have not made any point by mentioning it. I guess you are a new member of the forum and you don't know how this discussion has been evolved over the period. How absurd and reckless certain ACCA stuff at Pakistan is, may not be known to you. Every one who gets failed in one field should try the other. There is no harm. This way one remains a struggler and struggle is the best thing in life. The point to understand is that one should accept that he/she got failed from CA for his own reasons and no one gets failed in any competition due to biases or wrong policies. The main issue of those who are referred as failures is that they start and keep on alleging the policies and biases of the institute which declares them failure. They don't understand that it's their own fault or limitation that they could not got through. That particular class is the failure that does not come out of the “grapes are sour” state of mind. So I don’t have any misconception. I don’t call you foolish or silly at this stage because I know you are unaware of facts.

Shoaib is right in saying that;

“it is almost impossible for fresh ACCAs to find any respectable position in Pakistani market”

If you have concerns with the word “respectable” then Shoaib should be requested to replace it with some other suitable synonym giving the meanings intended by him. These synonyms could be “reputable” or “highly regarded” or “well thought of” or even “good”. Respectable in such circumstances does not mean to regard any one as sweeper etc. (If we go out of the context, I feel a sweeper could also be totally respectable). Here respectable meant to be on good positions. ACCAs don’t have very attractive demand in Pakistan. Any one who knows Pakistani market can deduce the similar results. I don’t go in any lengthy debate. If some one is happy with the rare cases, I have no objection on his pleasure.

As far as minding my own business is concerned, yes, I am strict to mind my own business. However, since this is a discussion forum, we are at liberty to discuss such matters. You cannot hamper such discussion. The very title subject of this thread is creation of an ACCA who is minding his so-called business probably. If the Admin has no objection on such titles, no one can raise such a question. You can also check the language of some mentally retarded people that your infra-red has probably not captured. However, go through the whole forum threads and you will not find a single qualified CA starting any such thread with similar titles for other designations unless something has been warranted to get the answer. I guess wherever you will find anything; it would only be a reply or clarification to balance the impact for new comers so that they don’t get affected with one side of the picture. I am not stopping any one from doing ACCA. I only tell the facts and as a matter of fact I never hide the ACCA’s position at UK or UAE. You can check other posts as well. I cannot, however, help you if you are unable to get to the right conclusion about others.

Khalid’s absurd comparisons and statements speak their-selves and normally don’t bother me too much to make too much detailed elaborations. He should check the origin of the Big 4 firms to know what CAs had the role in such firms. He may also check other well recognized firms. If a firm will go beyond the border it will have to depend upon local charter-holders. Where CPAs are local charter-holders, they have to run the business but this cannot change the facts about origination and control. I know the word “charter” creates itch to him but it has to remain the fact.

The difference between ACCA at UK and ACCA at Pakistan is because of certain reasons specific to ACCA. These have been time and again discussed on this forum. The poor input it gets, lack of any criteria to accept the input, the poor status it has in Pakistan i.e. merely a company incorporated under section 42 of the Companies ordinance, 1984, the poor monitoring and treatment of/to students (I have its instances), the poor market demand for ACCAs locally and lack of proper efforts by the chapter to change the situation etc. Further, this difference is seen when we see Pakistani ACCAs struggling in UK in competition with UK’s ACCAs. One who knows UK should understand that at the moment accountancy is not considered a difficult qualification and there is abundance of locally produced accountants at UK market with different designations. When a Pakistan based ACCA will compete UK based ACCA for a job, traditionally things go in the favor of UK’s ACCA. This might be due to so many valid or invalid reasons. This is the picture of a general situation and certain people may have gone thorough different experience but number of such people would be meager.

The statement about some one’s father being a diplomat working at foreign office is not absurd at all. If some dumb cannot understand that such things are not mentioned without having some general examples, we cannot take him out of the foolish state of mind.

Leaving apart all such debate, ACCA will not engulf the whole world including Pakistan against the firm belief of Khalid for such happening with the time frame he has given. I will bear with him to analyze his belief in upcoming days.



- rabia-k - 01-13-2009

Yes, I still feel that in spite of being an ACCA Professional Level student, <b>I am not competent and professional enough to advise </b> <b>someone or to contribute much regarding scope of different </b> <b>qualifications in different markets</b>. <b>I understand that a Professional Level student is expected to have some knowledge, but I have had a very short term approach of going paper to paper (which I know is not the right thing). </b>

<b>SOME KNOWLEDGE</b> r u saying that what i am going to study my p papers is only going to give me <b>some knowledge </b> ?????

further please explain what do u mean by <b>short term approach of going paper to paper</b>
do u work??? if so what is ure experience??? advising requires experience , be it in any field . if u r a full time student like me
with no work experience hen ofcourse u cant advice but if u r a professional level student having work experience and yet u cant advise , then its really sad .....

Now on to what i said

Rabia can you please elaborate the following comment you made
<b>“its demoralising for acca students to hear such rubbish about ACCA like ACCA students idolising and looking up to ICAP members... maybe some students might do such thing but not all ok ...”</b>

y will an an ACCA qualified student or ACCA membr look up to ICAP members for guidence?? it sounds as though some1 is saying that ACCA students/members are inferior or maybe less competent or have lesser knowledge as compared to icap members or students ...which i dont agree with...if acca's and icaps are working in similar positions, getting similar salaries in the middleast then it means both have equal knowledge and both are competent.

i still dont understand what u r trying to say[?] r u saying the qualification u have chosen is not right or is it u who is not right in choosing acca qualification
<b> “if I have chosen a qualification, it doesn’t mean it is right”</b>

so overall u mean that u are doing ACCA to get into ICAP ???
and about the acca fee. i have just checked local institutes acca fee in khi and i think both icap and acca cost the same in pakistan. but seriously in the UAE acca is very expensive..costs thrice what it does in pak [0]


- mroneflower - 01-13-2009

I am a bit bussy now and reply to post later in detail. Rabia-k, please do not worry about ICAP people they are hypocrites.


- rabia-k - 01-13-2009

ok i will try not too

- mroneflower - 01-14-2009

just waiting someone reply to rabia post.

Anyway ACCA singed agreement with PTCL(Pakistan) that it will employ ACCA people. ACCA already had agreement with Shell(Pak), ICI(Pak), Packages(PAK), Ford Rhodes and if i am not wrong with PSO as well. Moreover World bank recommends ACCA qualification to accountancy graduates and I think world bank also operates in Pakistan. ACCA also have same kind of agreement in place with World bank. State bank of Pakistan also recognise ACCA. ACCA also won Brands of the Year award in Pakistan and his award was given to ACCA Pakistan represtative by Pakistani Prime Minister. If these all things does not show ACCA recognition in Pakistan then what else. Only few people like Kamran who are failure in ACCA cannot see it.

Another interesting think about ICAP. ICAP claims that it is ruling accountancy profession is Pakistan means in accounatncy college ICAP is also ruling. I request all reader to click on link below


In this page it in claimed that

1) <b>A qualified ACCA (UK Stream) needs to appear for 3 papers of Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW) only, remaining papers being fully exempt.</b>

2) <b>A qualified ACCA (International Stream) needs to appear for 5 papers of Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW) only, remaining papers being fully exempt</b>

Firstly ICAEW only conducts its examination in International stream and second it does not matter if one has passed ACCA under UK or International stream. All ACCA Affliciates (not member) need to give only three ICAEW papers.

What kind of teaching, coaching, training and inforamtion ICAP people are providing to students in Pakistan. Now I may say ICAP people are liars as well.

What ICAP people are doing. At lesat try to be honest with your own people and students. These ACCA students are Pakistani as well. I do not know why ICAP people are misleading their own people, in this way you are not helping Pakistan and you talk about patriotism. Seriously I am hurt not becasue of negative propaganda against ACCA but because you people are playing with students careers.PLEASE STOP DOING THIS.

Kamran keeps on saying that top accountancy firms were started by ACA. I make it clear this credit does not go to ICAP people as ICAP does not have any contribution in it. Once again ACAs from ICAP are not part of international ACA community. TRY TO UNDERSTAND. International ACA community fully recognised ACCA, but not ICAP. Is it SHAME for ICAP. Try to come out of box man.

I found many blunders in Kamran posts which I will must mention later at present plaese try to answer Rabia questions.

One more interested news that CAT from ACCA is eligible for exemption from ICAEW 5 papers where ICAP full members are only eligible for ICAEW 11 papers.WHAT GOING ON ICAP PEOPLE.

I am going to give good news to ACCA members very Soon regarding ICAEW membership, you may need to give only one ICAEW paper if you have two yrs post ACCA membership experience. Means ACCA members with two yrs experience will not need to undergo ICAEW any training which in turn means ACCA experience will be fully recognised by ICAEW. That is why I say ACCA student should not worry about ICAEW. Just wait for couple of yrs and see what happen in European accountancy profession and with ICAP.

I will confirm it tomorrow what will be tarining duration for CAT. WHAT GOING ON ICAP PEOPLE.

And there is very high possibilty that ICAEW will launch its full programme in Pakistan.

I told to ICAP people wait and see what will happen to ICAP in Pakistan. NOW When ICAP is going to delist ICAEW. Father of FOOLS, ICAPian UNPARALLELD. I think ICAP members should compete with with CAT as ACCA is far superior to ICAP.

I am happy I did ACCA and did not go for ICAEW or ICAI(Ireland) after my ACCA when I was offered training contract.


- rabia-k - 01-14-2009

there is no such thing as ACCA uk stream and ACCA international ..this is just rubbish.. i am providing a link to the ICAEW website..THEY (ICAEW) have not specified any such thing as ACCA uk or ACCA international .


from all the posts that i have read in this forum, i can only make out that some people are just having problems in digesting the fact that ACCA is being offered in pakistan and are even going to the extent of providing false statements about acca and misleading non other than pakistani students.

- kamranACA - 01-14-2009


"Claims" refer to your comments on my views about ACCA in Pakistan. You certainly don't know Pakistani market and you are annulling the facts posted about ACCA in Pakistan. So much is reflected in your, as well as Khalid's posts. No body said that ACCAs don't find jobs at Pakistan at all. Yes they don't find jobs which are normally entrusted to CAs. They are mostly in lower cadre or on lower pays. This is a fact. This has nothing to do with whatever advertisements about job openings are given and whatever agreements PSO, Shell, ICI, Worldbank etc has entered into. You can try to change it over the time. Let's see Khalid's couple of years. I wonder why prime minister is not authorizing ACCA to act otherwise than an association not for profit (section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984). What an achievement by ACCA to invite the PM.

I wonder if mentally retarded people conclude others as mentally retarded. If this is true then at least all doctors specializing in this field should have to re-visit their decision. Great point you have made.

The word “charter” creates itch to someone, irrespective of whatever ACCA is. Please also note my primary discussion is about Pakistani market and here this body is not "chartered". It's merely a company under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Apply your mind please. If it is chartered at UK, this will give no benefit to the people living at Pakistan.

I don't know which proof you require. I suggest you one thing. Complete your ACCA from Pakistan and go to UK for job and check your acceptance. You can also do another thing. Complete your ACCA at UAE, come to Pakistan and then check what comes out for you. These will be the biggest proofs. Try to explore them.

If you talk about UAE, yes I agree ACCA is good at UAE. I never denied. However, it is not going to engulf any gulf. I wonder you ask for proofs and fail to provide at your own. I am here to see what ACCA will engulf. Let me know if it does.

The mutual recognitions and acceptances find their roots in so many things. The quality of institute may be one factor but I believe that eventually all such decisions are based upon other valid considerations. If you try to understand and if you go through the previous posts you may be able to understand it. If you don't, then I cannot help you.

As per your version (what you adopted for ICAP), if ACCA is disregarded at India (as Khalid said) or is not given desired exemptions at Pakistan or is not recognized here like so called 80 countries, do you feel it's a great disrespect or shame for you all ACCAs who being Pakistani opted the qualification which is disrespected or humiliated locally. Do you somewhere in your minds feel yourselves disrespected etc being Pakistanis entirely. Do you? "Disrespected", "shame", "disregarded" and "humiliation" etc are your words that's why these have been used. In my view, certainly not. If ACCA is not that recognized at such places it's not it's disrespect. I again say there are so many factors which decide such things. I wonder if you can understand it.

Rabia, there are certain things which you raised in your reply to Ali. Its strange if you think that a student of whatever level is in a position to advise others. Students of any designation, having no other enabling qualification in hand, should not advise the others on professional matters. Mind it. If you think other-wise it’s your own belief.

Further, Ali was talking about Pakistan specific situation. He has not given any remarks about UAE. Don't revolve it otherwise to deduce your own meanings. Do you feel in Pakistan ACCAs are professionally not dependent on CAs. If yes, then keep on having such belief. No wonders, you are an ACCA student.

The comparison made by you regarding fees of ACCA and CA is again reflective of your meager understanding about what Ali was saying. Your high understanding level throughout (I say throughout) this thread depicts that you are purely an ACCA student. Ali was comparing fees charged by ACCA and ICAP and not the fees charged by Tuition providers. Now what can I call it? Such ACCA people are trying to capture the blunders of others ignoring normal human limitations. Mashallah!!!


Dear your latest post is equally good to provide a source of amusement. Keep on good work buddy!!!



- rabia-k - 01-14-2009

ok i am writing to skans...and give them a bashing about this false information they have provided. they are gold approved by acca they shouldnt be providing such false info about ACCA itself.

- mroneflower - 01-14-2009

i will advise all ACCA students and members to report this act of skans to ACCA global.


- rabia-k - 01-14-2009

did u report??? i have just emailed them.