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- Shahbaz - 01-30-2009


- mroneflower - 01-31-2009

I you are ACCA affliciate then you need to undergo ICAEW three yrs training plus need to pass ICAEW 3 papers. Your this 3 yrs training will help you to gain membership of both i.e ACCA and ICAEW.

I you are ACCA member then you need to undergo 2 yrs ICAEW training plus u need to pass ICAEW 3 papers.

- mroneflower - 01-31-2009

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by rabia-k</i>
<br />u dont have to wait for 5 yrs. an ACCA affiliate with nil work experience can take admission in ICAEW , pass 2 or 3 papers, and after 3 yrs of work experience will be both an ACCA member and ICAEW member. hope i am right here, if not, please correct me.

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You gave right inforamtion.


- danish4 - 01-31-2009

Wht about the training contract of ICAEW

- mroneflower - 01-31-2009

Dear Danish4

can you kindly explain what you want to know.


- rabia-k - 01-31-2009

dear Danish first please tell if ure doing ACCA or ICAEW CA. in UAE and Pakistan there are many firms providing ICAEW training contracts.

please visit the following link. this firm is currently having ACCA and ICAEW training vacancies.

it is a pakistani firm based in dubai. Sajjad Haider and co , another pakistani firm also provides training for ICAEw and ACCA students. visit ICAEW website for ICAEW authoriesd firms in uae.

r u comming to UAE by any chance???
please visit this link for training vacancies for CA(ICAEW)


- mroneflower - 01-31-2009


Thanks Rabia for providing valuable inforamtion to students.

Once again I recommend to all qualified accountant that there is no point in going for ICAEW after getting any international recognised qualification. I also do not think ICAP member should go for ICAEW. Try to get as much experience as you can.

If someone wanst to become ICAEW member then he.she should start it in first place.

I am saying it again and again that ACCA will get audit recognition in Pakistan directly or indirectly in 2,3 yrs time. ACCA has alraedy got Market Recognition in Pakistan. ACCA students and members are even working in State bank of Pakistan.

I have alraedy mentioned that in comming yrs accountancy profession in EU will be like CICA, so there will be no distinction between ICAEW, ACCA, ICAI, ICAS, CPA(Ireland) etc.


- rabia-k - 01-31-2009

welcome )

- kamranACA - 01-31-2009


Some days earlier you were talking about taking over the world in couple of years and now you are hoping to get audit license in Pakistan in couple of years. Mashallah.

I am always of the view that there should be a healthy competition and we would even be welcoming ACCA to get some audit permission if they can somehow get it. This is my personal view. However, how long such qualification will take to get reasonable professional recognition in terms of market share cannot be predicted. We have seen what is ACCA's specific position worldover in profession, solely at its own. Yes, there could be one advantage to small professional firms. They would be at an ease to increase their manning (and even partners) level by making lesser cash payouts.

One more point, simple B.Com., B.A., and others like M.Com and M.B.As etc are also getting jobs in Pakistan and even in bodies like SBP. If some ACCAs have found job it should not be taken as sign of shaking the world in couple of years or a sign of supramacy at all. One should analyse what jobs those were and what status they have.

By saying so I don't mean that ACCAs cannot get good jobs at all. Rare cases are always there.



- Minhas - 02-01-2009


- mroneflower - 02-01-2009

I think Pakistan is part of world. I never asked ICAP should welcome ACCA. Actually ICAP has nothing to do with Audit recognition.I am not bothored about ICAP. Think whatever you want to think and develop whatever terms. I do not know y ICAP is afraid of everything.

In March 2008 ICAP went into court so that ICAP could further reduced ACCA exemption and lost case. At the end of 2008 Pakistani Govt gave ACCA <b>Brands of the Year Award’ in the category of Professional Accountancy Program.</b> One can see how much Pakistani Govt cares about ICAP.

ICAP senior officer told you ICAI(India) who will become ICAEW member will never get ICAEW Audit certificate. Just accept ICAP does not know what going on outside ICAP office.

ICAP is experts in making joking.

Frankly speaking after reading ICAP senior officer commemts, I do not think there is any need to reply to ICAP people as they know nothing. First update your knowledge.

Once again I want to remind that this thread is only for those who are interested in ICAEW.


- Shahbaz - 02-01-2009

Kamran Bhai

Can you please tell me about some Free CFA books? I only have this website and a CFA Demo file from containing only 5 chapters from all the 10 subjects.


- rabia-k - 02-01-2009

minhas in karachie there are around 17 firms providing ICAEW training . please visit this link for the addresses


- mary - 02-02-2009

aoa. mr khalid i have completed module d of icap. . i want to join icaew now. . how much exempyion will be available to me in icaew on the basis of mod d. . waiting. . kindly reply.
my email adress is

- Muhammad Amir - 02-02-2009

I am an ACCA student based in Karachi. I am only having one paper left and that is Advanced Audit & Assurance (P7). The right situation is that there is nothing much for ACCAs in Pakistan. Big 4 firms and even GT(AASR) are not willing to recruit you even if you are an ACCA affiliate. ACCA's local administration is very sleepy they are just busy in giving admissions to hundreds of students per day but they don't have any time to explore the Market conditions. I would advise all of you that please do not recommend ACCA or ICAEW to anyone, if you are sincere with him. I am also changing my profession. I am planning to appear in Federal public service commission or ISSB tests. Its better to serve your country rather than serving these thug, bandit and plunderer Audit firms for Rs 6,000. ACCA and ICAEW both are fake gimmicks. They only try to get your attention by conducting seminars and workshops but they have nothing to give you. I recently met with an HR personnel of one of the Big 4 firms and he really confused me about the future of accountancy and for this reason now I am deciding to leave accountancy forever. After my intermediate I had a chance to start BE in Bio Medical Engineering and BS in computer science from KU and FAST(NU), my apptitude tests were good and I passed all of them with flying colours but I was the big fool that I missed those chances and got admission in ACCA. I have wasted my 3 and a half years for this bull**** ACCA. I would advise those who are very desperate for ICAEW that please don't waste hard earned money of you parents and if you are that rich then please give this money as charity to somone who is in real need of 300,000 rupees.

@ Khaild(aka Moron Flower) I used to be a more enthusiastic proponent of ACCA than you. You can read my previous posts, but people like you don't have any market exposure and I am sorry to say that there is NOTHING for ACCAs and ICAEWs in Pakistan. Believe it or not but that was the fake gimmick created by these advertising NGOs to befool people like me and you.