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Let us introduce ourselves - Asif - 04-27-2003


dear members, v should use this forum and introduce ourselves, and tell about ourselves,
iss tarah we can help each other and meet and discuss matters in convenience, if u know what a person is doing u can personally interact or directly contact each other.

let me take the initiative, I am Muhammad Asif Masood, from Lahore, studied in skans for foundation and from Naveed Sb. for PE-1, currenlty I am doing internship and associated with Deloitte M. Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co. Chartered Accountants as Manager Audit & Corporate.

so I hope u all will also introduce urselves briefly.

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,

- Cricketer - 04-28-2003

Hi everybody

I totally agree with Asif.

I amd Nabeel Ahmed. I completed my articles from Ford Rhodes Robson Morrow (now Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder) in 1999 here in Karachi and now am working as Manager Finance in a local consumer products company.

- sirhandi - 04-28-2003

hi gang,

i really appreciate it asif bhai....thats a very good step...a very
a very wise one....neways my name is syed majid hussain sirhandi...i
am student of acca n currently in part 3....i am running a
consultancy firm under the name of KAMS financial n managment
consultants....also teach students of part 1 n part 2 of
acca....hope this initiative will form our own world us close n help
us xplore more......



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- tuti-fruity - 04-29-2003

nice idea, but Y dont V introduce jobs here as well as soon as we know. by the way i'm Ali from KMHR (now dissolved)) presently working as an Internal Auditor for a telecommunication company and looking actively for a re-location

- Asif - 04-30-2003

surely yar!
I was of the idea that we shallutilize this forum in every aspect, share things, ask each other and share oppurtunities, bside other forum we can meet personally to interact with each other, and develop a circle , of course we can share jobs also.

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,

- AB - 05-02-2003


Good idea, My name is Arsalan Baig. Completed articles from KPMG THK in 2000. Qualified in June 2001. Joined MCB in its Internal Audit Deptt and now working with an investment bank as their Head of Internal Audit. Also doing CIA and CISA besides that.

That was all about me -)

- munshi - 05-03-2003

assalam olaikum
yahan to sub he parhay likhay hain.......any way... iam zia .....completed foundation from cfms in part 2 acca giving papers 2.3 2.4 2.5 ..........
thats all
any way what is this cia cisa qualification how can we do it.....can any one tell me that

- AB - 05-03-2003


CIA = Certified Internal Auditor, a certification program offered by The Institute of Internal Auditors, USA.

4 parts MCQ based exams. Examz in May and Nov each year
more info.

CISA = Certified Information System Auditor, offered by Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

Single part MCQ based exam held in June each year.
more info.

Both have international recognition and very well reputed and paid esp in Middle east market.

- munshi - 05-03-2003

thanks a lot friend.........
the idea of getting to know each other in a forum like this is very good

- khawerjavedqazi - 05-05-2003

Assalam O Alaikum
My name is Khawer Javed Qazi.I live in Rawalpindi and I m a student of ACCA and CA as well I was also in SKANS School of Accountancy in 2000 from whereI jumped up into ACCA.
I would like to appreciate Mr.Asif to start such a great platform introduce ourselves.
I think we would be able to share our views with each other.

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- unlucky18 - 05-06-2003

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assalam alaikum
How r u all tht's really was a good idea to introduce ourselves.My name is murtaza and i am the student of MFC module A.Infact friends i have given the exam of module A this yr i.e winter 2003.But unfortunately i got a lap in economics tht's why i am repeating now.I don't know why i am so unlucky i work so hard for the success but success always run from me tht's my intro have nice day

- unlucky18 - 05-06-2003

Sorry friend u all r my senior in this u guys can guide me a lot.As i told tht i am in CA foundation in module i have given the exam of module A but i got a lap in economics.oh i forgot to tell u tht i am doing from CAMS in karachi.Frankly speaking in these 6 months i was unable to handle economics as i was studying tht for the first time i don't know from whr should i start this topic is good for exam bla bla .U can clearly guess my situation.So it's my request to all of u to plz guide me how to handle economics to clear module A.Asif bahi i will be waiting for ur reply not only asif bahi any one can help i will be great ful to all of u.

murtaza (

- AB - 05-06-2003

The answer to your questions lies in my profile signature -)

Never seek advice from a Chartered Accountant. They are trained to find problems not solutions.

- Zee - 05-07-2003

Hello every one!
You may call me ZAK.i have completed my CA in 2002 and completed articles from MYASCO. right now doing job in a idustrial unit at FSD.

I really appreciate the idea of sharing our professional views...and debates on professional issues and waiting for any professional issue to be explored by all the members


- darvaish - 05-07-2003

I am Adeel Ahmed I am doing articles of Chartered Accountancy from KPMG International Islamabad, Pakistan. for more about me check my member profile at

adeel AHMAD adi.