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- CFANerd - 03-10-2009

Great post Kamran. lol. We all tend to get subjective once in a while. I myself am an MBA and agree with you to some extent. But can't say MBAs are dumb. It has a different role in business as compared to accountants. It truly is worth it if done from a good school. In my post before yours, I tried to explain it in terms of time and return on investment given the career situation of Dr. sahib. I never was and still not aware of who is what is Pakistan. What's up with this controller guy you were talking about?

- choclatey - 03-10-2009

Dear Kami , what is going on here about CA. Why some people worried about ICAP or jealous of Icapian. If i am not wrong they try their best but they don't get their CA degree from ICAP. This in my personal thinking but i sure that the whole game is that.
One thing to all anti icap people i want to clear that if they say that icap ca losing status they are only building castles in air (he he he). Building castles in air is not a bad work ,Please carry on especialy MRONEFLOWER .
One thing for Mba's dont be happy that icapian loss their status.
If you have bird eye ICAPIAN have Fish eye. (HA HA HA HA)

Kal bhi icapian thay aaj bhi icapian hay kal bhi hongay.
kitnay discourage karogay enko.
Kis kis degree say comparison karogay es ka.
NARAY C-A ;;;;;;;;;;; Jiye icap
ha ha ha


- Rukhsaar Raza - 03-11-2009

ahem !

- kamranACA - 03-11-2009


I did not post the comments without a strong reason. I know MBA's role is different, rather, within a same designation role changes for different specializations.

The MBA I referred was purely a dumb, I regretfully say. He was a marketing man, appointed for control of operations who weirdly understood his-self to be a financial controller as well. Since he was totally unaware of accountancy, audit, tax and financial matters, and he was more than over confident as well, all of meetings with him proved to be a good drama and provided amusement to our personnel working over there for some consultative work. Anyways, he just came into the memory and I mentioned it.

Believe you me, you will not witness anything different than what I have stated whenever you will come to Pakistan and give a deep look to such peculiarities.

MBA has almost lost its worth in Pakistan. I don't know about other countries. It's good however for the sons and daughters of industrialists and some other elite class people who believe in words more than actions and the words of whom do carry a lot more than the actions of the normal people.

It's a personal observation and could be materially wrong.



- CFANerd - 03-12-2009

MBA has made my life hell. Wish I had never done it. In other countries situation is same. It is a GIVE HEAD TO GET AHEAD rule everywhere. Here in US you get ahead if you talk great and MBAs are trained to do that. Infact whole investment banking and MBA experience is not very pleasant. I've come to realization that MBA may be beneficial to some specific groups of society, like you mentioned, it may totally be useless for some, like me. Without any connections, any solid background in Finance, or any great job titles MBA is the last nail in your coffin.

- kamranACA - 03-12-2009


If you have a good exposure of investment banking and also of fund management, you would get a good job at Pakistan I guess. Karachi is the most suitable place for you if you ever plan to get back.

One of my friends is MBA from USA (from the class I mentioned) and he is the chief executive officer of a well known asset management company at Karachi that is managing three or four successful mutual funds (income+cash+stock etc). His compensation package is also excellent. This is just for your knowledge.



- amahmood_satti - 03-12-2009


Well, saying that “MBA has almost lost its worth in Pakistan” creates an impression of bias of the writer of the post. I believe success in our life doesn’t lie alone in designations or degrees; it is something like a combination of thorough knowledge, experience and more importantly personal traits.

Yes this is true that Chartered Accountancy involves a perfect combination of comprehensive knowledge and rigorous training/experience but the third factor is there i.e. personal traits which will differentiate between more successful and less one(Ignoring a 4th factor i.e. a strong reference).

It cannot be said that MBA has lost its worth. MBA is still one of the most popular degrees in the world provided it is gained from a school of good repute. Even in Pakistan a few local business schools (IBA, LUMS etc.) have good local repute and influence and lot of MBAs are working and many have secured good positions. CFANerd don’t underestimate you, if you are MBA and have experience in investment banking you may go for CFA and you will get your good chunk even if you remain in USA or come to Pakistan.

Well entire nation cannot and shouldn’t go for CA alone. I want to say Dr. Ahsen Sb. that many people starts CA only for the sake of monetary benefits as this profession is considered as good one in term of return of investment. But my dear Medical profession is not less than CA in any terms. In both the professions you can earn well, you can start your personal business, you can do consultancy in both cases but to me the most important difference is that a Doctor is considered as more respected profession than a CA, ACMA or anybody else. According to Quran “If a person saves a single life of a human means he has saved the whole humanity”. So I suggest you to be in your profession and excel in it. I hope it will earn personal satisfaction for you too.

Choice is yours, the way is yours.


- kamranACA - 03-12-2009


We all may be carrying some biases unknowingly. However, here a person without getting offensive commented on one qualification while over portraying the other. My comments were only to tell the truthful observation without getting offensive as well.



- amahmood_satti - 03-13-2009


I hope after such consultancy by mfahr you should concentrate on your MBBS instead of CA. I only want to add that you may plan to do MBA in Health Management after your MBBS from a good institute as few doctors do this today. You will get good edge in your field.


Yes we may have some biases unknowingly but we should control it as much as we can. The person you are referring behaves irrationally & unethically many a time, and I am sure he would have passed the ethics module of his qualification.

Nevertheless I often can’t help laughing while reading some of his posts.


- kamranACA - 03-13-2009


It was a nice advice from mfahr.

I understand that being a doctor is to do a sacred job when compared to other qualifications provided some one takes it up that way. However, I also think that every job becomes sacred if it is done with commitment and honesty.

It is certainly too late to do CA after MBBS. However, one should not forget that MBBS has to take so long to become a specialized consultant, which is the ultimate goal or objective for any one. Simply being MBBS means nothing, I believe. Now what we have after MBBS is another story and people advising on this aspect must take it into account.

After MBBS one has following major choices

- Specialization from Pakistan i.e. FCPS (MCPS etc have no worth).
- Specialization from UK (either it is FRCS, MRCP, FRCP or whatever. certainly the diplomas don't work)
- specialization from USA (probably FAAP, FAAS, FICS, diplomat of American board and others like that which I may not be knowing in detail).

FCPS from Pakistan had been considered a good qualification for a long time. However, now competition is so stiff that it is losing its worth. The idea behind FCPS has been conceived from specializations of UK which are probably consisted of two major exams with some residency or experience of some teaching hospital. It is quite a short tenured specialization when compared to USA. If we look at some advanced, sophisticated hospitals of Pakistan e.g. AKUH, we will see they rarely depend upon FCPS doctors unless they have no choice. It may be a wrong conclusion by me. However, in public sector hospitals they are in abundance. If I am not wrong a person may take 3 to 5 years to become FCPS at a minimum after MBBS. Even then he is not considered a top level consultant. This is a delicate matter and may not be understandable for all readers.

FRCS/MRCP/FRCP/MRCOG etc from UK had been a great choice for Pakistani students whoever carried resources to visit or stay at UK. My brother did FRCS from UK in 1998 and at that time it was quite easier. Due to recent immigration and other bans, it is now almost impossible for a normal Pakistani MBBS to go for such qualifications. It is a fact and the doctors must be knowing what I am saying. Even if some one has all the resources and remains successful in getting admission at UK, it may take plenty of money and 3 to 5 years to accomplish the target. One must keep in mind that there are certain requirements of teaching hospital exposure after qualifying part one of such specializations.

USA's specializations are undoubtedly considered the best in the world. These are pretty much demanding when compared to others. I mean a long tenure has to be invested if some one wants to do it. There are quite difficult requirements as to visa and stay. To my understanding they are the best consultants over the globe and are the most highly paid. It may appear strange if I say they don't come to Pakistan since we cannot pay them their level. The people who know the difference consider FCPS trash when compared to USA specialists. After MBBS one has to clear MLE (a preliminary test) which is necessary to get visa and admission at USA. Then comes the specialization which probably takes 5 to 7 years along with plenty of resources and money backing. It's not strange if I say MLE alone may take more than a year or two.

Keeping in view the above, FCPS remains the easiest option. However there is a very strong competition and the results are not that good for all the contestants.

These all factors create issues in the minds of our upcoming doctors. I have so many friends in this field and I witnessed they are the most dissatisfied. Certainly CA of 4 years is an exercisable option to have a stable future, when compared to the others, even if it is unrelated. However, this is nothing other than the hard luck of this nation. We are causing our gems to divert their path merely because we don't have proper resources for them.

To my understanding the problem with doctor Ahsen is not illogical. If one feels contingencies involved in the career even if 4-8 years are invested after MBBS (that itself takes 5 to 6 years), then he will certainly be thinking on other options. I wonder what our government would be doing to address these issues.

We the people of other fields can only pray for such brothers. May God help them and give them a bright future. I however believe that if some one endeavor he finds the success.



- Pracs - 03-14-2009

I think the doctor has left the building.

Hey, I could be crazy asking this but whatever became of Mr. Mroneflower ?

- Toronto_Boy - 03-14-2009

Perhaps Dr. sahib went to see him.

- Pracs - 03-18-2009

Finally some humor on this thread

- CFANerd - 03-21-2009

If Dr. sahib goes for some nice MBA it would be much better than all the grinding and grilling of CA studies. If he does it from good school which he can do I am sure after going through insanely tough MBBS studies. It will perfectly complement MBBS.
I have just an internship from a top investment bank and that hasn't done anything to get me a job. I am jobless two years after MBA. I guess I am a lost cause. I dont think I can get even a decent job in Pakistan with MBA from no tier school. If I had done CFA instead of MBA it wouldve saved me thousands in money.

- Toronto_Boy - 03-21-2009

What......... What did I hear on this forum. "If Dr. sahib goes for some nice MBA it would be much better than all the grinding and grilling of CA studies."

Issay kahtay hain, aa bayl mujhay maar.[xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(]

Count down has already started. You are done buddy...I have started prayers for you.[)][)][)]