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- wajahathussain25 - 03-30-2009

hi guys,
I have got the job in Dubai...

- wajahathussain25 - 03-30-2009

but after getting the job, I have very little time for studies...

Anyone thinking of doing job alongwith studies should keep in mind the problem which I've mentioned above

- wajahathussain25 - 03-30-2009

I'm very thankful to you Ms Rabia that you told me about some audit firms operating in Dubai...

- rabia-k - 03-30-2009

congrats , its very nice to know you have got the job. at present i dont work, but am definetly planning to work from next yr. what are the work timings ? y does it become so difficult to study?

- A.H - 03-31-2009

hey Wajahat i just wanted to know where did u joined and how much they are paying ...??
bc is worth to go there.. ??? and earn as well... i dont want to fwd any burdern on my parents..

- mr.4hm3d - 03-31-2009

hi guys, hows situation in uae now? is it getting better or worse?
do acca affiliates stand a chance to get into some small firm there? coz i hvnt recvd a call frm big4 in pk yet and now thinking tht instead of joining a small firm in pk its better to join small firm in uae, need advice, thnx.

- wajahathussain25 - 04-01-2009

Thanx, work timings are from 830 to 630 usually. I'm working for Sajjad Haider and Company in Dubai. As far earning is concerned, I can easily support myself. And I am not worried about earning more because it's matter of experience for some years. A.H even in a very small firm you get as much stipend that you can support yourself. You apply to all the firms in UAE and if possible do visit and drop CV in person, that will probably more helpful in getting the job...

- wajahathussain25 - 04-01-2009

After working hard in the office for 9 to 10 hours, you get tired and want to relax for some hours. Studying becomes really hard if you mess in the flat with your roommates and go to gym to maintain your health...

- A.H - 04-01-2009

yeah you are rite.... its good to hear that. There is 1 more thing i just wanted to know how r the conditions over there and are you qualified acca or jus in middle of somthing ??

- A.H - 04-01-2009

and also give me a average pay rate a month.. just in case..

- wonk.xags - 04-01-2009

Dear wajahathussain25
May I get your cell number? I really want to discuss some issues with you.

- uzi_cool - 04-03-2009

Hey wajahat congratz for getting the job... just give me an idea what ACCA affiliate may earn that is average salary by working in a small audit firm ?

- danish4 - 04-04-2009

how long it take to find a job, well as u mention that u r professional level student so can u tell us how much sajjad haider and co is paying and do u have any prior exp. thanks

- danish4 - 04-04-2009

wajahat u r really lucky, becoz condition in UAE are very bad.........well any ways congrat

- rabia-k - 04-04-2009

Danish keep trying