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- danish4 - 04-04-2009

Rabia I am trying from Pak, so chances are less............

- rabia-k - 04-04-2009

still keep email/faxing ure cv againg and again

- danish4 - 04-04-2009

I never FAX but email, dont ask after alot of try now i am considering to apply through consultant. Rabia can you provide names of some good and reliable consultant firms there in Dubai.

- rabia-k - 04-04-2009

NADIA CONSULTANCY is a big name here in UAE. check their website

- wajahathussain25 - 04-05-2009

Conditions in Dubai are not ideal these days because of global economic crises rather it has hit Dubai the most, I would say. Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are not that much affected by the same....

As far Salary package is concerned, you earn that much to support yourself easily but if one wants to support one's family, it becomes difficult.

- uzi_cool - 04-05-2009

but how much @ wajahat can u give us the figure plz

- danish4 - 04-05-2009

I think he dont want to disclose, its just a guess he would getting around 3000 to 5000 AED

- uzi_cool - 04-05-2009

yeah u may be rite it shud be around 5000 AED

- danish4 - 04-05-2009

uzi are you planning to move??????????

- uzi_cool - 04-06-2009

yes actually i m ... but after my june attempt... this attempt is my qualifying attempt and after qualifying em planning to move to uae .

- rabb_zone - 08-22-2009

is it necessary for ACCA studentz to work full time ? cant we work for a part time to get experience that we cn study as well.. plz help me anyone....

- dr_trq19 - 08-24-2009

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by wajahathussain25</i>
<br />I am an ACCA professional level student. Next week I am flying to UAE for Job hunt. I know addresses of big four firms but rest I dont know about. Would somebody help me please. Actually I need addresses of all the audit firms operating in Dubai,Abu Dabhi and Sharjah.
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AOA, wajahathussain25 plz guide me how to move in UAE and find articles there,
Rabia you too....[8)]

- dr_trq19 - 08-24-2009

sorry i havnt mention,,, em acca professional level student, lahore

- rabia-k - 08-24-2009

please post your email address here. i cant do much except for giving you the contacts of some firms here, rest is your luck!

- Jamalsaleem41 - 08-28-2009

I thing a person who presently working in an audit firm of UAE-DUBAI can earn 4000-5000 Darham easyly coz arab Emarat offers u 4-5 thousands darham or rayal in starting whisch is 92000-115000 Pak Rupees. Well my friend got job in SAUDIA and he got the salary of 4500 RAYAL 'MASHALLAH' which is 99000 Pak rupees, even he is partly ACCA qualify..and have no work experience..Arab Emarat offers you Good sallery packages if u have atleast 1 year of experience and qualify the F series of ACCA means Part-2 qualify. But now a days students facing difficulties in apllying to UAE for accountancy jobs but it's seems better in 2010 INSHALLAH...I suggest all of the affiliates to keep trying espacially to those who have a dream for JOB IN UAE...BEST OF LUCK TO ALL & GOOD BLESS YOU.