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- Brohi - 10-22-2009


Being ACCA - Affilate/Member will be helpful.Current market conditions are not good but if you are Affilate/Member you must try your luck.

All the best..

- syedakif110 - 10-23-2009

@ Brohi
will my father's office issuing employment visa benefit me-

- Brohi - 10-25-2009

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<br />@ Brohi
will my father's office issuing employment visa benefit me-

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No, personally i don't think so.. Visit Visa is better then employment visa..


- syedakif110 - 10-27-2009

I m a ACCA Finalist having 4 yrs of experience i have a call from Bdo Pakistan- for consultancy which they started to develop- will i join Bdo or wait for big 4 firms recruited in march considering the market conditions- seniors plz tell me-

- kamranACA - 10-27-2009


BDO Karachi is not bad if you want to apply the criteria of a bird in hand.

I don't much know about other offices of BDO although some of my previous colleagues had/have been working there.



- syedakif110 - 10-27-2009

I want to know abt the scope of BPOs- wheather their is scope of BPOs for ACCA-

- xubi - 11-02-2009

all the members thnx for replying abt my info

kindly plzzzz tell me wht pay ACCA partly qualify will earn initially zero experience in audit but expertise in IT

plz... tell me

- dr_trq19 - 11-02-2009

well its hard to get internship.... half qualify...
fully qualified ACCA will get a stipend of rs.3000.
a friend of mine, CA inter, in kpmg is getting rs.4200.

- xubi - 11-03-2009


yaar i m asking abt UAE audit firm not in pakistan i knw info abt pakistan but want info about UAE planing to goo there after attempting maximum papers inshallah

- jamesparker - 11-03-2009


I think there are many people want to hire you in theirs firms.

- Muhammad Nausherwan - 04-17-2010

I am student of ACCA professional level. I have no experience. Can i still find articles in Dubai. I live in pakistan.[I]

- danish4 - 04-25-2010

@jamesparker you are in UAE or in US????

- Imran ul haq - 05-13-2010

s there any one can counsel me regarding my question?
I am 30yrs old and have around 6 year experience including 2 yr international experience, I have cleared my and studying ACCA now a days I am between two fire that should I go for CA or should continue ACCA. For CA 3 yrs article in essential and stipend is very less, I look after my family as well. Since last two years I am working in dubai. KPMG and Sajjad Haider are the registered firms of ICAP in dubai is there any chance to join it directly and what would be the stipend in dubai.

Please do let me know the answer.



- danish4 - 05-14-2010

^^ Brohi can help you about your query.. Well as far as i know ACCA qualified can get around 5000 to 10000 AED per month depends on the person company and of course LUCK.....

- xubi - 05-15-2010