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- msaharm - 06-11-2010

What is the stipend rate in sajjad haider, Dubai for CA inter? What is their eligibility criteria and procedure to apply from Pakistan? Do they entertain applications from Pakistan? In which month do they hire trainees?

Plz reply

- danish4 - 06-12-2010

Bhai call them and ask them directlyyy

- najeeb01 - 06-30-2010

I'd like to know if a part qualified ACCA student has any chance of getting articleship in any firm in UAE.

Thank you.

- sanaa89 - 07-13-2010

I am part qualified acca student... Living in UAE... Our whole family lives here only.... I have applied in Big4 some year back but there is no reply or acknowledgement from their side...
The conditions here are really not very good...Just a matter of luck.
But still i am hoping someday i will get a call...

- Meat_ - 09-27-2010

Hy. Can i work while studying acca as part timer in dubai

- hacho - 11-07-2011

respected sir, my name is farooq khalid,i belong to pakistan,i qualified CAT(certified accountant techniction)now i pass 09 out of 14 ACCA paer,plz tell me procedure how ACCA student go UAE for articles,plz guide me i shall be thankful to you