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ACMA Vs CA - awaisaftab - 02-02-2009

An extensive cold war exists between ACMA's and CA's
In Pakistan's job market C.A's have good salary packages and working on better posistions then ACMA's.
I think that it is not due to the reason that CA's have more skills or knowledge than that of ACMA's. But the basic reason is that CA has remained a well known programe since last many decades in Pakistn. Even today many well educated persons don't know about ACMA. But know the environment is chaging ACMA are getting more and more acceptence by the job market

The ACMA's are not less in capabilities than CA's in any way.

Due to the cost reduction strategies the ACMA's has become first choice for manufacturers and service providers who want to adopt cost leadership strategy.

The syllabus of Corporate Laws and Tax Laws of ICMA is more wide than ICAP.

Awais Aftab

- rabia-k - 02-02-2009

please do not start a ACMA VS CA debate

- mroneflower - 02-02-2009

who says ACMA are less in quality and capability than ACA(ICAP). They both are equal but belongs to diferent fields.

ICAP is at war with every qualification cause in past and still now they do negative propaganda against every single qualification.


- Shahbaz - 02-02-2009

The syllabus of Corporate Laws and Tax Laws of ICMA is more wide than ICAP.

Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaa.. wait a minute.... hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahha.....

- awaisaftab - 02-02-2009

Khilid Bhayee

I am totally agree with you.But know the negative propaganda by CA's is not endorsed by the business circles

Thanks for response

- awaisaftab - 02-02-2009

Mr shahbaz
we are all top professionals difference of opinion is another thing. So be professional in your attitude.

If you not agree with me compare the sylabuses ICMA and ICAP of Corporate Laws and Tax.

For your kind information the most of recomended books for these subjects which are being taught in various campuses of ICAP are written by ACMA's.

Tax Books by Mirza Munawar Hussain FCMA
Corporate Laws books by Nazir Ahmed Shaheen,FCMA
Registrar of Company

- Saracen - 02-02-2009

come on ppl....there is no comparison between CAs and where in the UK ICAEW is more recognised than Canada have u ever heard of Canadian CMA...but everybody knows chartered accountancy there...
for u who are comparing syllabus outlines...sir jee..does ICMA have rigorous training in audit for 3.5 yrs...????
finally..had ICMA been better it would have got its recognition outside Pakistan also..can u get a job in BIG 4 based on ICMA ??? but CA of Pakistan even makes partner in BIG 4...
Need I say more???


- mroneflower - 02-02-2009

in UK CIMA refused to merge with ICAEW. ACMA are equals to ACA(ICAP). ICAP can just degarde pakistani other qualifications and when it come to sign MOU with others ICAP is degarded.

ACMA are not supposed to do aduit and they do not work in Audit firms. ACMA runs big companies and Audit Firm income (or ICAP member income) depends on companies which are run by ACMA.

Secondly ICAP people have illusion that Audit training is last thing. Poor people.

ACMA means person who has passed all ICMA papers plus has three yrs of training. Update your knoweledge first.

ICAP is not willing to accept any other qualification.


- Muhammad Zahid - 02-02-2009

I think u are right. ACMA are equally competent and capable and they undergo same kind of examination system which is evidence by their mutual qualification recongnition system. Although ICMAP came into existance some time later than ICAP yet presence of its member in every in all the sectors and on prestigious position speak for themselves. ICMAP has made its syllabus more rigorous which is aim at cultivating Corporate leaders. As result International bodies reviwed and enhance their number of exemptions.

- Muhammad Zahid - 02-02-2009

Mr. Saracen u are right CAs can not be compared with CMAs because both of these belong to different domain. CMAs world over recognised as Management Accountant who will be providing services to Corporate sector not BIG 4 services organisation. While CAs provide financial advisory services by either opening their own firms or becoming associated with them. As far as recognition of ACMA qualification abroad is concerned Pakistani ACMA as good recognised as CAs abroad rather CIMA UK offer more exemptions to ACMA Pak than CA.

- rabia-k - 02-03-2009

i doubt this mr saracen even knows what ICMA stands for.

- awaisaftab - 02-03-2009

I think Mr.Saracen has no idea about ICMA. When I was writing the Topic ACMA Vs CA I examined several times whether it is professionalism or against professionalism and ethics but the behavior of CA's compelled me to write the topic.

ACMA is world recognized degree. The syllabus of International Federation of Accountants is being taught in ICMA. CIMA and SMA (Canada) Offer exemptions to ACMA's.

ICAEW has recently entered in an agreement with ACMA for granting exemptions to ACMA's. The details of the contract are available at ICMAP's official website

Awais Aftab

- mroneflower - 02-03-2009

Dear awaisaftab

Do not worry about ICAP people, they have gone mad. As far as ICAEW is concerned, it is in big trouble and ICAEW is doing everything to chase ACCA. Recent MOU which ICAEW signed with ICAP will dilute its brand in Pakistan. ICAEW is very humble nowadys.


- danishayub_76 - 02-03-2009

Hi. Mr. Shahbaz & Awais Aftab.
I think Mr. Shahbaz laughed at the sentence as it contain grammatical and fundamental errors.
"The syllabus of Corporate Laws and Tax Laws of ICMA is more wide than ICAP". It should have been like this" The syllabus of Corporate Laws and Tax Laws of ICMAP is more wider than ICAP's Syllabus".

- kamranACA - 02-03-2009

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by rabia-k</i>
<br />CA's in pak seem to be at war with almost every accounting qualification that exists.
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I once asked you to see who initiates such threads. Do you remember?

Now if some one will laugh on childish grouses you will say he is at war against the other. I wonder how you see this war.

CAs and ACMAs are different disciplines and they have different specializations. ACMAs should not compare theirselves with CAs at all and vice verse. There is no logic in such comparison. CIMAs are among the best management accountants worldover. I don't find Pakistani ACMAs like them, still, Pakistani ACMAs are occupying good positions in public sector.

No body is disgracing ACMAs here at this thread. I don't know why such fears have surrounded others and still you say CA is in war against them.

Were you kidding Rabia?