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Inventory Software - sjehanzeb - 01-01-2004

which is the best and relatively simple software for inventory software for medium size company. most products are small with high turnover and there are more than 100 products.


- CBPian - 01-03-2004

For SME, software acquisition is not easier as there are a lot of suppliers of these products.
For a big company an ERP would include such inventory management software.
If you are in Pakistan then I would suggest approach a software house as you will be able to have a customised solution suited to your needs.

Keep in mind that different solutions have different audiences.

1. MS ACCESS based software is adequate if you are a small supplier with not large turnover. Further it is better suited to single user.

2. Visual basic(front end) based software with SQL or ORACLE database can be implemented in multiuser environment. However stability of the system depends upon the robustness of the platform itself.

3. You can go for oracle based application using oracle developer which is a good multi user solution.

You have written 100+ products with high turnover.
Then u have to assess the cost/benefit to have such a inventory management software if the value of products in question is not high.

Maybe better stick to a monthly inventory rather than keeping a perpetual inventory record...

- mzosama - 01-20-2004

Use SAGE Inventory package

Usama Zulfiqar