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- kamranACA - 12-25-2009


I don't know if anything contained in my posts has made you to write this last message and prompted saying goodbye to us.

Dear, I appreciate all of your good intents, posts and positive criticism. I understand that the point from where you write these posts is of worth and significance. Your words explain how you want to proceed and contribute for the people back at home.

Difference of views does not mean to negate or undermine others' good work and kind intentions.

You and people like you are needed at this forum. I believe members of the forum will be benefited by your presence.

So, don't leave the forum and the fellows for minor reasons. We all are here to listen you; and hope you will make us to understand a lot more due to your diversified experience and knowledge.

Purpose of telling you about a Pakistani member at board of IAASB is not to reduce your importance at all. If you are working at Finance Ministry of Ontorio, it is also an equal honor for Pakistan.

Stay with us.



- maqszaman - 12-26-2009

Dear Toronto Boy, Kamran & others forum members,

I received many e-mails in a single day insisting me to reverse my decision. I did not know that people love me so much. I know, we all are doing noble cause of spreading knowledge and guidance to our juniors. Kamran there was nothing in you post that resulted in my decision to quit the forum. In fact I really love you because you are one of many noble ones who are taking out sometime for the well being of our juniors. I do respect difference of opinion and I can be wrong too. I am also open to learn even from my juniors. In fact I am a student of university of life where I learn from everyone, any moment. I myself felt that my strong words are hurting feelings of some people and I don’t want to pass on a message to our juniors that we are not united.

I hope that everybody will agree that our country is full of potential but it is the responsibility of our institutions to polish and equip them with the modern study methods, technological advancements, professional trends, psychometric examinations, narrative financial reporting, transferable skills required by the industry, etc. We should focus on, how we can make the difference instead of defending someone else misdeed. I said earlier that there are so many things that I can’t share on public forums. Can’t we think beyond the limits of linguistic and ethnic groupings? Can’t we determine why new students are joining foreign institutes instead of ICAP/ICAMP? How many scholarships are being awarded to deserving students?

I think Toronto-Boy will agree that we, here in Canada, have to compete with professionals around the globe. No doubt that a large number of our professional accountants are doing fabulous jobs overseas and in Pakistan as well but it is also a fact that a very large number of our professional have stuck up in doing odd jobs just because they were not properly trained in certain disciplines which are required by the businesses and industries. This really burns my heart. You can see dozens of European countries which are smaller than Karachi in geography and population but still they are far advanced in education and economy than Pakistan. So why can’t we be amongst them.

Honestly, I believe that knowledge is not property of any nation. So there is no harm if we take advantage of experiences of the Western countries. I know that everyone is aware of the fact that despite Islam being a complete religion, our ancestors acquired knowledge by translating Greek books into Arabic and then they developed them which laid the foundation of modern knowledge.

The definition of criticism is “to see the things as they are in the light of wit and intelligence”. When I criticize an institute it does not mean that I am undermining its importance. But I expect it to utilize its full potential.

Wish everyone all the best,


- awaisaftab - 12-31-2009


I will reply all ur queries in detail on tomorrow

- kamranACA - 12-31-2009


Thanks for revising your dicision.



- maqszaman - 01-01-2010

Thanks Kamran,
For others

Qasid kay atay atay khat ik aur likh rakhoon
Main janta hoon jo wo likhain gay jawab main

And my answer is

Khud tumhain ajaiga chakay garaban ka shauoor
wahan tak to ajao jahan tak agay ham


- MRS - 01-02-2010

Dear Maqsood, You have refreshed my old memories (TEEN AGE) when i used to quote verses of Urdu poetry in general discussions )

It has been long time since i have read this kind of post, i thought that with age one forget all this poetic stuff and get busy in life so much that its difficult to decided that whether we are living life or its vice versa (Hum zindagi ko jetey hain Ya zindagi humein)

Thanks for making me realize that life is there to be enjoyed and not to be just lived.

I think people like you, toronto boy and kamran should contribute to this forum regularly. Although there may be difference of opinion but these differences result in healthy debate and silent forum members like me benefit immensely from these debate.

Keep it up guys you all are doing good job.


- Toronto_Boy - 01-02-2010

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Mujahid</i>
<br />No tanki salay /
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

MashaAllah kia zaban pai hay aap nay.

- maqszaman - 01-02-2010

Insan ki zaban us ki khandani shakhsiyat ki akkass hoti hay.

<font face="Arial"><font color="green"><font size="6"><b>SALAM</b></font id="size6"></font id="green"></font id="Arial">

- MRS - 01-02-2010

@ Mujahid

Excuse me !! Do I know you ??
Will you please elaborate your post

- Toronto_Boy - 01-02-2010

Ya jaysay kisi nay Ranchore Lane main, main road kay kinaray dubbo khailtay khailtay zara sa munh mora aur bina daykhay paan puri ki pitchkaari mardi.

Kia thread hay aur kia comments.

- maqszaman - 01-02-2010

Amer-e-tawajja ye hay kah ye inki sohbat ka asar hay ya waldain ki terbiyat kay fuqdan ka natija hay.

- Toronto_Boy - 01-03-2010

You have already been banned on this forum under nick of "shahbaz" due to writing such posts in pasts. Now you have started this again. Perhaps you haven't got the lesson and need the same treatment again from Admin.

By the way, don't suggest me to read the thread or not, as you have no capicity to do so. Almost all of your historical posts, contribution to forum, and prior banning by admin proves such incapicity to suggest me things. Moreover, mujhay mayri samjh ka maloom hay, aur tumhari samjh kay baray main samjhnay kayliay tumhari posts hi kafi hain, iss liay apni samajh ko sambhal kar rakho aur doosron ko samjhanay ki koshish nahi karo. Abhi mayra itna bura waqt nahi aya kay tum mujhay batao kay mujhay kia karna hay. Again you don't have such capacity.

You wrote,"no tanky salay. Aap logon k nakhron ki waja se bola hai ye." Who has given you such right to write such comments about other forum members. What do you think you are? Did any of ours attitude here provoked you this much that you used such words about us?

It has been proved time and again that education does not bring any change in personalities of some people. They utter what they have from inside. Sirf naam rakhnay say har koi syed nahi hojata.

- Toronto_Boy - 01-03-2010

Dear Admin

This poster "mujahid" was banned by you under the nick of "shahbaz" due to writing such kind of comments. Later, he started postings again under new nick of "mujahid".

Now on this thread, he has written quite disrespectful words completely un-provokely about members of forum. I think this is against guidelines of the forum. This is also an attempt to change a knowledgeable thread into street side chat which is also against published forum guidelines. I hope if you want to keep spirit of this forum alive to promote healthy discussion within ethical norms as required by the forum guidelines, you would consider excercising discipline such posters who do not abide by forum rules specially the posters who generally write disrespectfull comments about other posters. I would invite you to review his ("mujahid") past posts on various threads to see nature and wording of comments and reason to ban him before.

If it does not happen, then I think professionals would not like their presence on this forum and it would eventually become public street chat room.


- kamranACA - 01-03-2010

It was severely bad in taste to see such post from Shahbaz.

One can differ conceptually, argue, counter argue, and continue this so far it does not cross the limit of decency in professional terms.

I think Shahbaz must offer his appologies to all posters on this thread.



- Toronto_Boy - 01-04-2010

I am holding this post so he would not be able to edit it. [D][D][D]

Now, lets see what Admin does. He challenges to admin too.[)][)][)]