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Are Software Decreasing the Value of Accountants? - awaisaftab - 02-25-2009

Some accountants say that accounting software causing decrease in the value of accountants. They argue that now a person dont even have B.Com degree can become a good accountant. They seem accounting software as threat for professional accountants.

I throw this question toward all members. Pl forward your comments in this regard.

In my view its not true the person have accounting degree can tackle accounting problems very efficiently. If we accept this statement then it can also be said for the software related to other fields for instance geology, geography, economics and statistics.


Awais Aftab

- Shahbaz - 02-25-2009

Well I think that accounting softwares have made the life of a professional accountant much easier.

- awaisaftab - 03-09-2009

Explain Your view with details


- usmankhalid - 06-03-2009

I've even seen online accountancy programs working and all I know it that it was accountants who were at the back of these websites and softwares , for instance, in case of managingbuddy . com offered accountancy online. It didnt really undermine accountants role