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Profession for someone about to settle in USA - uroojazam - 03-12-2009

hi guys,
can anyone tell me if CA is good for medical students? If they have to settle in America, will they have to give some kind of exam like i have studied about CPA. And can anyone tell me about the income and credits.

- kamranACA - 03-12-2009

What has gone wrong with medical profession?

I guess, the least opportunities at UK for specialization and the MLE coupled with 6-8 years studies for specialization at USA has lead the people to run away from it.

Doctors, please keep on studying, the mankind needs you much more than chartered accountants.


- Toronto_Boy - 03-13-2009

Dear uroojazam

If you are good in your profession, you can make much more than CAs/CPAs, but it needs hard work.

In USA, after passing USMLE and getting residency position in a hospital (which are very competitive), all you need is 3 years of residency to be MD (though very demanding), and then usually 2 years of specialization. After that, you can even make more than CPAs. During residency, one makes comparable $$$ with entry level CPAs.

In USA, medical is highly respectable, lucrative and money minting profession. More than 10,000 Pakistani origin MDs are in USA in medical profession. Get more info. at following link;


CPA is not the magic wand to make money and there is no short-cut for success in life.

Personally, I don't like doctors in Pakistan sitting for CSS exams, though it is their personal choice. Few years back, there was 1 doctor for every 5000 people in Pakistan, which is not a good indicator.

If you don't like medicine then it would be a different story. I assume you already have some sort of legal status so you can move to States legally in future.

I hope it helps.


- CFANerd - 03-16-2009

I heard the same thing about the cost and length of studies. It is cruel. Plus doctors in US are running away from this profession due to risk of litigation.
uroojazam, thinking about coming to US? get ready for a hectic life.