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lets share our interview experience - Rana Gohar - 03-20-2009

guys their is a need to guide others by sharing our experience regarding our interviews...
2day i was interviewd in AFF and got rejected... simply because i was not able to answer some of there tricky questions... they asked me standard costing formulaes..(
they can ask u any thing buddies.. just be prepared b4 attempting the interview.. donot take it for granted.. do ur preparations same as they r done for examzz..

yar i m 13th mfc student having 2 papers of C and 2 papers of D refferd/attempted... AFF called me because it calls every one..
pls advise me tht should i expect a call from KPMG, delloitte and FRSH???

all i want to clear here about the rumours spreaded regarding these firms that they r recruiting only a small number of sellected candidates... ....

- danish4 - 03-21-2009

Dear you got call because you are 13th mfc student, kpmg and e&y are currently considering MFC 15,14,13...............

- mr.4hm3d - 03-23-2009

i havent yet received an interview call from AFF i am an acca affiliate and heard that AFF do not take acca's , havent even recieved any call from other three, are interviews and recruitment process over at AFF ???

@ RANA when did you recieve ur interview call? how many days before your interview? were you interviewd on 19th ? how many interviewers were there?

- mr.4hm3d - 03-23-2009

@RANA was it your first interview or second at AFF ? did they tell you at the spot that you are rejected?

- A.S - 03-24-2009

yaar brother...its true that FRSH requires very few trainees and i ve even heard that they r taking a written test frm the candidates.
can anybody telme tht whether AFF & co hav started their 2nd interview calls?

- mr.4hm3d - 03-24-2009

i havnt even recieved first interview call from AFF and u r talkng about 2nd s

- Rana Gohar - 03-24-2009

yar i was interviewd on thursday 19th marcha... n the call was recieved on 18th at 5 pm was the first interview... n maze ki baat.. we were 6 students of 13th mfc and i was interviewed at last of all AND WE ALL WERE REJECTED... yup they told me that i m rejected and enumerated a qoute " we dunt want best we want more than best " huhhhhh

well can any body tell me that when is KPMG calling 13th mfc students??

- mr.4hm3d - 03-24-2009

thnx rana

evryone plz share here if u get an interview call.

@rana no idea about KPMG yet

- A.S - 03-24-2009

yar i was askin abt the 2nd interview cuz i hav been w8ing 4 d 2nd call since 1 week...i had my 1st interview on 13th march.

- mr.4hm3d - 03-24-2009

if anyone else got an intrview call from big4 or got selected in big4 plz mention here and also share ur interview experience

- A.S - 03-25-2009

yar can anybody plz telme that if sum1 gets into a firm ...then later on can he switch to another firm?? ( for e.g if he gets selected into another firm,after joining a particular firm 1st)

do firms object to this? esp do the firms who are being left object to this??

- mr.4hm3d - 03-25-2009

A.S can u tell us what kind of questions were u asked @ KPMG & AFF ???

- sheikh_sb - 03-25-2009

wht is 13mfc student,i am acca student n cant understand this term,is it like somebody passed 13 papers of CA inter??

- A.S - 03-25-2009

To mr4ahmed

yaar in KPMG my 1st interview was like a joke was nothing..all he asked me was "telme abt urself..ur siblings...ur fatherz business.and similar stuf ...and there was a constant debate ..cuz he was asking me tht "wot if we gave u an opportuinity toi join us and at the same time AFF gave u the same opportunity...who wud u go 4?"

then in the 2nd interview @ KPMG ...the interviewer (probably a manager) asked me academic questions relating to
it was much better than the 1st one and went good too ..

but yar the scene on AFF was completeli different there was a continous rapid fire of academic questions ...and was much much tougher than KPMG...

so it was l

- Faizii - 03-26-2009

does anyone recieved an interview call from FRSH?. and A.S do you selected by KPMG or not?