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Share our Knowledge! - Asif - 05-01-2003

I have an idea to make this forum more useful, we can put short questions and can have a debate on that, relating to general topics --- a mixture of all subjects related to chartered accountancy and share our views, I think that can b put up for 3 days that means 2 questions in a week,

PLZ. tell me is that good, will u try to participate and share all ur knowledge, I will welcome any volunteer who put any question and on which we share our views especially ppl. in practice-in profession.

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,

- AB - 05-02-2003


.......Count me in.....

- sirhandi - 05-06-2003

ok asif bhai done.....


- unlucky18 - 05-06-2003

Yar Asif bahi u r great yar allah has give u a wonderful mind inshallah u will get wht u wanted.Well asif bahi carry on we r here to buck u up.It will be a gr8 honour for me if i start first.MY name is murtaza i live in karachi doing foundation & i am in module A infact i am repeating tht as i got a lap in economics.The topic i want u all to discuss is how a person who is new to a subject like i was new to economics handle tht or should take economics so tht he cleared his exam.Asif bahi ifell so unlucky cause i don't know i work so hard but success ran away from me my class fellow were so week in studies as compared to me like i was good in alla subject as compared to them but they cleared the module A & i am still in in module a this wht we call unlucky ( (

- sirhandi - 05-07-2003

dear unlucky18.....Allah pe bharosa rakho.succes is nothing but the matter of it will def come into ur way rite do 1 thing...change ur niik....n be confident bout wat u r doing....always takeup a subject with this attitude that u wil clear it...n then work hard.....sab theek bout something u asked...that how to take up a subject....well dear one must make sure that u complete the following check list

1) get the course outline first.
2) try to seek the understanding of the subject at the general level,
ie apply it on ur normal life...
3) go through the whole course...
4) n establish the connection between ur general understanding (2) and
this detailed knowledge....
5) finally do as much practice u can....especialy past exams
questions in the xams will help in boosting ur

last but not least dua...ALLah se dua karo ke yeh pass hojaye...inshallah johoga acha hi hoga...



- unlucky18 - 05-07-2003

Majid bahi ur great i wish u achieve all ur goals, u really buck me up urwords directly dissolve in my mind inshallah if i work through ur guidline i definetely wht i wanted ). Majid bahi i will be greatful if u do one thing more actually if u could do tht do otherwise ur words are enough.Majid bahi plz give me the outline course of economics & plz tell me how should i carry on this outline these are the hurdles through which i was unable to go through.U r my senior tht's why i am asking.U MUST BE THINKING " MAIN NE TU UNGLI PAKRAI THI YE SAHAB PORA HATH PAKARNA CHA RAHAIN HAIN".WELL u r reply on the same day i never expect tht it's ur belive me i have no words for ur few words

- sirhandi - 05-07-2003

hay murataza np dear thats wat this forum in particular this section
is bout....well here r the few points u should grasp at...

1) micro level
a)allocation of scarce resources
b)price mechanism
c)elasticities of demand n supply
d)market failure, externalities n interventions
e)objectives of the firm, production n cost
f)markets for factors of production
g)types of markets
h)consumer surplus
2) macro level
a)national income n its measurement
b)determination of NI
d)econimic objectives n policies

this is not the hard n fast outline...bus moti moti batian hain...if u tell m then i can refer u the authors....but concerntrate n 1..rite... hopw u will find it usefull....



- Asif - 05-17-2003

kahan ho saa're!

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,

- Paki - 06-06-2003

Asalam o alaikum, well ur intentions are pretty good, but wont it be like a forum within a forum??!!!
yar, unlucky, sub so pehlay to aap apna nick change karain, if u r in module A that does not make anybody lucky or unlucky, just keep the faith and in the mean time dont miss on your and M.A. and stuff.. and fun aswell..... or yar asif bhai ko itna charhao nahee

Me rulz

- zeeshan haider - 06-27-2003

I am suffering from a trouble and don’t know how to get rid of it so.plz.plz.plz guide me.
Sir, I have done my Matric and F.Sc. (pre-medical) with A+ and A Grade respectedly. I want to do C.A.
Plz guide me that should I start direct C.A though I don’t have any Commerce background or should I go to Hailey College for B.Com and then start it.
I don’t know what to do and what not to do. My very future is at stake.
I am waiting for your Reply so that I may start study. Plz guide me sincerely.