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What do I do??? - y2h - 05-05-2003

I am in my O'levels right now but want to make sure what my future is. I wanna do CA and also wanna go abroad. What should I start with. My friend says that first do ACCA from Pakistan and then go abroad for CA. Should I do as he says?????

Why Travel Outside When You Can Travel Inside!?!?!?!

- sirhandi - 05-06-2003

well dear its nice to c ur to b decisive n certain bout ur career..
well u have few options on hand...i want to ut down the possible
combinations...its upto u to decide....after ur A levels

1)start acca n complete it within 2 yrs n then claim xemptions in
ICAP n ICAEW...if u go for ICAP then u have to take module E n F
ofcourse after the 1.5 yrs of articles..but when u r qualified acca
u have to do 3 yrs articles for ICAP n many relaxations exist in
opting time to qualify both acca n ca will b 5 yrs...

2)start ca(icap) n then after completing module d u will b starting
articles n the first attempt u will take will b after the 1.5 yrs
of the meantime start acca...n the remaing process
is the net time is again 5 yrs...but u have to work for
4 yrs if this route is opted....

u can always go for icaew once u complete ur u can opt in neone of the above if its feasible.....lekin baher janay ki waqi zaroorat nahi hay kiyonke SAB SE PEHLAY PAKISTAN...but a tip for u...
never do an act which seizes the opportunity...rite....if u need further number is 0300-4238813..n from lhr i am..

best of luck...


- Asif - 05-07-2003


majid Bhai!

very nice, ALLAH aap ko jiza e khair Atta Farmaye Ameen.

Muhammad Asif Masood
for islam see,