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Training at Big4 or small firm? Plz reply - Odyssee - 05-11-2009

I have cleared 13 papers of ACCA and i will be attempting the last Paper P5 in June 2009. Though i have no practical experience yet, i am planning to apply for articleship at small audit firms right after the papers so as to gain experience. But everyone is advising me not do that and rather wait for the results and then apply at Big4 audit firms as an ACCA Affiliate. I wish to do CA from ICAP after becoming an ACCA Affiliate.
Another advice i have received is to go to Dubai after the papers and search for an articleship opportunity over there. But then i wont be able to do CA from ICAP.
I am 20 years old.

Should i apply at a small audit firm or should i wait till September to apply at Big4? Can anyone plz guide me as to what should i do at the moment? i would be very grateful.

- Odyssee - 05-23-2009


- irfan kazim - 06-03-2009

AOA, I think Big4 prefer ca inter student for articals than ACCA student. But still you should apply in big4 and seek reference.if you are not given admition in big4. JOin any firm and start your articals and dont waste time

- HaffazKhan - 06-08-2009

ICAP has an exam centre in Dubai

- hmmm - 06-08-2009

i think so you should apply for articalship
but most of the firms prefer ACCA qualified students.
if u entered in any firm i thing so its very good oppourtunity for u

- Odyssee - 06-08-2009

Thanx for the replies