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Economic variables which affect economy - irfan kazim - 05-30-2009

AOA, brothers and sisters
I want to know about economic variables that affect economy, economic barriers, economic stabliziing variables and destablizing variables. Plz help me in this regard.

- awaisaftab - 06-17-2009

The most important economic variables are as follows
1.Gross Domestic Product
2.Agreegate Personal Income
5.Supply and demand of Key Inputs (For instance Oil, Gas,Fertilizers etc)
6.Interest rate
7.Agricultural production
8.Industrial production
9.Exploration of Natural Resources
10.Consumption of money
11.Consumption pattern (pattern of use of lusurious and consumer goods)
12.Unemployment rate
13.Direct foreign investment
14.Domestic investment
15.Aggregate savings and savings behaviour
16.Capital Output Ratio
17.Volume of Governmetal Loans
18.Volume of Private Loans
19.Difference between birth rate and rate of economic development
20.Volume of Liquidity or circulated money in an economy.

Dear these are only the names of economic variables. A long debate can be made on each variable that how it positively or negatively effect economy.


Awais Aftab

- Rehan Pervez - 09-28-2010

awais bhai . if you have material than kindly provide to me..on this topic. or delibrate it