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MBA from Virtual University - old leopard - 07-02-2009

Can any one discuss the market value of MBA from virtual university of pakistan. and which major will be suitable. i had M.Phil in biotechnology degree and currently working in grade 17 in govt sector. i m not satisfied with my working environment. i want to change my subject and field as well. i have completeed two semesters successfully. what u think banking, marketing , management or finance will be suitable ? <font color="green"></font id="green">

- ausmanpk2001 - 07-15-2009

MBA from Virtual is a good option for those already working in the related field. I don't think in your case MBA would be worth much.

It would be better if you pursue PhD after MPhil & you might be able to get a better job with a university. They pay well these days.

However if you are consistent on changing your field then MBA Finance/Banking is a better option than Marketing. HR is also worth considering.

- saqib ali - 08-01-2009

I think The MBA of virtual university of Pakistan is very good to do.
1--No relaxation from teacher to students in marks
2--All students are treated equally non of them taking advantage
(just like board system as metric or intermediate)
3--No internal marks system only on assignments and quiz
4--There courses are up to the mark and 45 lectures must be delivered
of each subject.
5--The virtual university really follow the international standard .