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Engineering Vs ACCA? - Hawk24 - 07-30-2009

I've been discussing this topic with my friends as well, but I really want to know which one of these is more valueable as in salary also as in jobs basis. I have been told by my friends that ACCA has no future in pakistan. but I'm also told by my father that Engineering has no future as well, because there are tons of engineers in pakistan they apply for jobs and the only person who gets the job has approach or gives cash. I want to know that Is it the same when it comes to ACCA? and that many people are going for ACCA, I know not everyone can be an ACCA it's not that easy. but still if so many people are doing it would it have it's important in future?

- ausmanpk2001 - 07-30-2009

Some years back, I was in the same position & got selected for Telecom Engineering at an elite university here in Islamabad. But at the end I decided in the favor of ACCA.

Some of my friends studied Engineering & now when I see back; everyone is doing good including those who chose ACCA & Engineering. I remember hearing & saying the same things ACCA is better, Engineering is better.

In my opinon, both are good fields, however if you are able to complete CA after ACCA than thats a better route but in the long run Engineers get good salaries as well as Accountants. It doesn't depend on the professions only but also on whole lot other factors such as experience, organizations you worked for, personal skills, networking, references etc etc.

With ACCA you'll have a bit more chance of international mobility due to its recognition around the world, however the sames chances exist with Engineering. One of my friends went to UK after Engineering, studying for MS there & is on the route to a 2 year work permit after studies.

Secondly, as far jobs are concerned, with ACCA & CA you've to complete 3 years training. That training counts as your experience & helps a lot in gaining job afterwards. It would usually be difficult for a fresh ACCA or CA Inter without any training/internship experience to get a job.

- hanifasif - 07-30-2009

Be very clear about what you want to be or where do you want to see yourself after 10 or so years down the road. Your entire future depends upon your current moves. Any wrong or hasty decision might digress you from achieving your objectives and you will spend rest of your life feeling sorry for yourself.

Select any field, whatever, be it Engineering or Accountancy etc. stick to it like glue and then try to reach the peak of your selected discipline.

- Hawk24 - 07-31-2009

I am looking for something in which I don't need anyone's approach, I mean I want to have a job on my own, I have seen engineers in my daily life they're without any jobs and having done their engineering from UET peshawar or UET Lahore, But I have seen ACCA's and CA's, one of my cousin is CA he gets 5 lacs a month in australia, I think Accountancy is the best when it comes to salaries and jobs. and If I do CA after ACCA then Engineers are nothing to it when it comes to salaries. MY uncle has completed his engineering and worked for 30 years in Radio pakistan and his salary is only 40 thousand, now fresh engineers also are asked for experience, experience is what counts when you are looking for the job. and hanif bhai, I'm just an F.Sc student, If I would have had enough information about which thing is better, I wouldn't be asking here, You are the experience and elders, You are the one who is going to guide us to the right path. ) just tell me on salary basis, if you can, ACCA + CA or Engineer? Which one is better?

- Odyssee - 07-31-2009

if u are making your decision entirely based upon the salary, rather than your interest, then why dont u opt for Actuarial Sciences. Actuaries are in high demand in Pakistan and their starting salary is always in 6 figures. You should be extremely good in maths in order to be an actuary.

And who told u that engineers do not earn well. A cousin of mine recently completed his BS from NED University in Electrical Engineering, last year. After completing his training in Siemens Pakistan for about a year or so, he was offered a job in Saudi Arabia and is now earning extremely well over there. Infact, he is earning better than many ACCAs(and thats why he is a subject of my envy!). You cannot discount the market value of engineering so easily.

My sincere and brotherly advice to u would be, to make your decision according to the interest u have in the field and not upon salary levels. You will make good money in any field, if u are good at it. And u can only be good in the field, if u have interest in it.

- Hawk24 - 07-31-2009

I am not interested in Engineering, Though i have studied pre-engineering Intermediate, But I didn't know that I could come to these subjects straight away from matric, because accountancy subjects were not too familiar those days, However I am more interested towards ACCA, and odysee for enigneering it is necessary that you complete it from a well reputed university, As you said NED karachi, I live in NWFP, the only well reputed uni here is UET peshawar, but I have seen people earning only in 40-50 after lots of experience, so instead of doing engineering from a uni like bahria or a private one, why not go for something which I would find interesting and also has scope in foreign countries, that's my personal opinion and my interest.