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ADMIN TO WAKE UP - javed - 07-31-2009

Perhaps it is 7-8 years when I joined Before that I had joined not less than 50-60 Pakistani website which after some months of use I discarded as most of those sites either had non serious hanky phanky topics or commercial promotors. is the person the only when to which I liked to remain attached since years reason being it contains only serious topics, its viewer ship comprises of serious readers trough its readership is very limited. However with much dismay I find it that after every 6-8 months the webmaster/administrator starts allowing commercial promoters which is annoying.

Now once again the commercial promotors have started occupying this site, like Mr. Kamran who left us on a principle, I feel I would myself leave for good knowing well I am not any scholar the remotest absence of whom will be felt by even a single reader.

- kamranACA - 08-01-2009

Javed Sb,

Although I have a firm decision not to participate in generalized debates but some how I was prompted to post certain things specially after re-appreance of a member "mroneflower1" to whom I am always committed to reply for so many reasons.

Since you are one of the most serious poster and reader of this forum we request you to keep your ties with this forum and keep on posting the thought provoking stuff as you always do.

As far as indecent posts and adds are concerend I have discussed the same with infodesk/ADMIN and they informed me that the process of fixing such posts and posters has been initiated which will take a little amount of time. The major issue is being faced from some posters of China who don't care for the forum rules and start advertising their products. I confirm for your information that such posters have not been authorized by ADMIN to advertise here and they will be fixed in a shorter period of time.

However, this is an ongoing process and members like you are always expected to and appreciated for pointing out such anamolies, by the ADMIN. This is what I can confirm through this post.

Thank you very much for all of your posts and worthy presence.

Best regards,


- kamranACA - 09-24-2009

Javed sb,

We miss you and wish you to rejoin the forum activity.

If some one knows Javed sb in person, he/she please convey this request to him.



- Sitara - 10-01-2009


Plz come beck. As Kamran bhai is requesting you to come. And we want you as well to contribute.