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CAT help needed - Hawk24 - 07-31-2009

can i take 5 papers at once in CAT? and is it easy for me to pass those papers now? I think the papers are in december. I've got 842 marks in intermediate out of 1100... I want to pass 5 papers of CAT and then jump to ACCA straight away... tell me if it's possible please

- Odyssee - 08-01-2009

The first 4 papers of CAT are Computer Based Exams (CBE). Although written exams are also available for the first 4 papers but mosts students choose to attempt them through CBE. Paper 5 "Managing People and Systems" will be a written exam which you will have to attempt in December. As i understand from the link below, u will have to clear T1-T4 before 30 September in order to register for T5(written exam) for the December session.
I would however urge you to confirm this info from ACCA office in your city as soon as possible. Do ask them the details about the Extended Registration Deadline. Confirm from them that whether the deadline is 31 August or 30 September?

T1-T4 are generally considered to be easy papers. Most of the people i know have cleared it in their first attempt. The result varies from person to person and the level of effort one has placed.

The following link shows the passing rates of the CAT papers. They are the passing rates of the written exams and not the CBEs.

The syllabus of the CAT exams are available on the following link

- Hawk24 - 08-01-2009

Is it possible to clear T1-t4 in my first attempt if i work hard i've only got august and september month now for preparation of these four papers.

- Odyssee - 08-01-2009

It is not impossible but very difficult. You should take a look at the CAT Study texts and the syllabus and assess that whether you will be able to manage it or not in such a short period of time.

Anyhow, first of all register as a CAT student as soon as possible.

Secondly, confirm from ACCA that what is the deadline for CBE registration in order to attempt T5 in December. If the deadline is 30 September, then attempt T1 and T2 by 31 August. And then attempt T3 and T4 by 30 September.

- Hawk24 - 08-01-2009

I don't understand, Are CAT papers held by every month or what? I want to complete 5 papers of Cat as soon as possible. can I take 2 papers in a month and then 2 other papers in a month and then the last 5th paper in another two months time?

- Hawk24 - 08-01-2009

there's only june session information there. http//

- Odyssee - 08-01-2009

T1-T4 are Computer Based Exams (CBE). They are held every day of the week(except for Saturdays and Sundays). You can register for it in any CBE institute, whenever you feel prepared. i guess, SKANS is a registered CBE institute.

- Rani khan - 08-02-2009

if u have full determination and devotion of doing this then u can clear these papers inshalla. Dont loose hope. n u will see that ther will be many other student like u that r going throught same circumtances. So be powerful and confident on ur God
wish u good luck