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INFORMATION ABOUT CIMA - Ali2789 - 08-02-2009

SALAM everyone.
i want to know that if a person has cleared strategic level of CIMA that means he has cleared first 14 papers than can he get a job?
i am talking generally like can he get a job in pakistan or if he completes his papers from UK then can he get a job or he has completed it from canada or anywhere. what are the job opportunitites for a person who has cleared his first 14 papers without any practical experience..
please reply urgently..

- acer - 08-20-2009

CIMA is worthless in Pakistan. If you intend to work in here and make a career in management accountancy than it is better to do ICMA from here. If you interested in working abroad like UK than its better to do it from there because there are some differences in papers. If you do ICMA remember that they are not trained to be auditors. Now you can make a choice.

- emperor - 08-20-2009


- awaisaftab - 08-20-2009

Althogh ACCA has some worth in local job market but CIMA has no worth in the job market of Pakistan. If you want to start your career as cost and management accountant then take admission in ICMA. I have seen many CIMA qualified who do ICMA to get good job.


Awais Aftab