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Job prospects of a Canadian CA in UAE? - SFA - 08-05-2009

Salaam everyone,

So I came across this forum, and I know it is specifically for Pakistani's but I figured there would be no harm in asking these questions and getting a rough idea.

Brief info about myself, I am currently in Toronto and have almost finished obtaining my CA designation. I have passed my UFE in Sep'09, and therefore to officially call myself a CA I need to complete my work experience (should have it finished by Jun'2010). After that I can officially call myself a CA. I am of Arab descent. I am fluent in English (Reading, Writing and Speaking) and I can converse in Arabic and read OK. I am improving my Arabic in the near future so that I can be fluent in it.

Now my question is this. I have some interest now in going back to UAE and working in perhaps Dubai or Abu Dhabi as a Senior Auditor or related business/finance field. How well are the job prospects in general for a Canadian CA working as a senior auditor or in some sort of consultant role? I believe by the time I get my work experience I will have sufficient experience to be a consultant or senior auditor. I know in my current level at my firm here in Toronto I will progress to a Senior Level 2 Auditor by the time Jun'2010 comes.

What in terms of monthly salary can I expect (in AED or U.S, whatever)? I realize the current economic climate right now is a disastrous in UAE, but generally speaking when things pick up (inshallah), that is when I am looking to make my move. I know my CA designation is highly looked upon here in Canada and international wide, but I am not sure if that is the case in UAE. I am also looking into getting my CPA designation (equivalent to a CA, except for U.S) in the near future once I am qualified in Jun'2010.

Any help or additional info is appreciated. I think I have a slight advantage and leverage in that I graduated from a Canadian university, and obtained my CA designation here, and I am fluent in English and can converse in Arabic.