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ERP experience during artilcleship - aneeliqbal - 01-30-2004

ERP implementation is no doubt a good option as a career for a professional accountant but how do u people think about ERP implentation experience during articleship considering that one wont be doing more than 5 projects during his articleship.

Is it neccessary to have audit experience during articleship even if one wants to opt for ERP as a career later on?

Plz comment!!

- Sarfaraz - 01-30-2004

dear plz define further this issue of ERP implementation coz i m on leaves now a days

There is a will there is a way.

- aneeliqbal - 01-31-2004

What more information do u want about ERP implemenatation?

- XBRL - 02-05-2004

Dear Aneel, its good to see u here after the firm (as i know u)....
Well for a trainee the main objective is and has always been the complete exposure with the financial and corpotare data of the clients on which they get a unique exposure. Irrespective of the fact that ERP is a competitive advantage yet for a trainee atleast 5-7 audits during his training are very very necessary.

- n/a2 - 02-25-2004

Yes i agree with u