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Help Needed urgent please - arslan_ahmed1 - 09-06-2009

Aslam-0-Alikum. I need information and help. I have completed my intermediate with 75% marks. now i applied for IT in Hajvery Universtiy lahore. My plan is that
than ACCA from UK.
I want to do to secure my graduation. becoz CAT is not counted as graduation. And Mostly student take admission in ACCA but they failed to complete ACCA. and remain uneducated and waste lot of time.

My question is that is my plan ok ? or not ?
I want to be a barrister and accountant.
Is hajvery University good for <b> <font color="red">IT</font id="red"> </b> ?
Is UMT good for CAT or SKAN acadmy ?
please guide me .. i have no guidence from any one...

Please tell meee

- WARDAH - 09-10-2009

Well!! i dont know much about all this but as nobody replied u me just sharing u. . . . in office where i m working a man did CA Inter, than CAT amd than ACCA . And he is earning toooooooooooo Gud.So, in my point of view u should also go 4 it like this way.[)]