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How is 'Work Order Form' used ? - surfol - 09-13-2009

Hello guys,

I work in a small start-up manufacturing firm where one person could be in charge of several different positions. For example, one person could be the general manager, purchase manager, production manager and etc. There's no accounting system in place, and there's virtually no controls in place. Even the orders are forwarded to the production employees verbally, there's no 'work order form' used.

I'm trying to implement an accounting system, so that everyhting would be more organized. First, I'd like to implement the use of 'work order form', but I have not idea how it works because I'm a fresh accounting graduate with no prior work experience.

A product in my company, typically goes through 7 different departments. Each department has different process. Some department can start making part of the product on its own without having to wait for the other departments to finish, while some departments have to wait until the other department finish before they can start.

So let,say my company receives an order, and then work order form is produced. What's next? Should I give each department a copy of the work order form? or should I just print one work order form and then pass it around? How does it work?

thanks a bunch.