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Getting job in Dubai for ACMA - aliacma - 09-14-2009

Salam to all!

Guys i m CMA qualified with almost 2 years experience having completed my qualification n doing costing job in a pharma company.
I want to know what is the current job market position in Dubai.
In addition, can CMA qualified easily get job in Dubai on 1 month visit visa ( which i have come to know reduced from 3 to 1 month according to current policy) or should i strive applying online from Pakistan would it work.

- zeshan - 09-15-2009


I read ur post and i m not replying regarding ur query but i want ur help regarding <b>CMA</b>. i m interested in doing this cert but want to know its scope in PK, and can self study be sufficient enough for taking the exams or do u prefer any faculty's help. also wat reading materials should i acquire.


- aliacma - 09-16-2009


I m writing to u in response to ur query regarding CMA study.
As far as CMA study is concerned, it depends on ur time schedule. But i personally completed my CMA with full time study with coaching.
My experience tells getting coaching is much better; u r updated with the new changes, class discussion n test helps u in preparation. In addition u must give spare time to the subjects according to the time these subjects require.e.g Accountancy and Law subjects require much time n concentration. In IT n general management subjects teacher's notes helps a lot.

Now ur query about CMA scope; Brother it's a fact job market requires experience n there is no shortcut to experience. It would help u if u start a job before ur result of qualified. Fresh CMAs especially in our country's current economic condition have to suffer. But fresh qualified also adjust somewhere. It is not important how much time u spend in getting experience but the quality experience u get. In my case I started my career as Accounts Officer at Rs. 10,000/- before qualifying n after qualifying getting 3-4 months experience, I get Rs. 30,000/- job in which my Excel use helped me a lot. I don't think i would be better performing in my current job before getting my previous experience.

Hope i have properly answered ur query.


Muhammad Ali