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Career switch to an actuary - ecy5maa - 09-16-2009

A+A, first of all let me appologise if what im abt to ask has already been asked before. I am just some months away from completing my degree in Electrical Engineering from Nottingham Malaysia..but dont want to pursue it as a career. I would be obliged to know the following

1. I know that the US career track has 9 papers and the UK career track has 15. Since i have studied in a UK based system, will the UK career track seem easier for me? or should both be the same?

2.How do I start giving papers? do I simply have to register from the website, pay the relevant fees and then turn up for the exam? or is there a more long drawn out process?

3.How many papers do i have to clear before I begin my 'training'? Plus I read somewhere in this forum that trainees get upto true/false is that?

Best regards..and thank you in advance for those who answer my questions