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combine study for F4 - best accountant in town - 09-16-2009

aoa i need someone who can do combine study with me for F4, we can do it on msn too so anyone interested, do reply


- best accountant in town - 09-18-2009

Plz help me friends I'm stuck with F4 and I have no one to discuss important with. Plz anyone who has knowledge of F4 do contact me, if you dont want to do combine study just give me your e-mail address I only want to clear some issues


- Astute Accountant - 09-18-2009

May be no one is preparing for F4 right now that's why you won't be getting any response from the ACCA students.

- owaiskhalid_28 - 09-25-2009

im also givng f4 this december what issues do u want to discuss?