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- Odyssee - 09-24-2009

I have a question related to the Future of Accountants.

Since IFRS will be implemented in the US and most of parts of the world by 2014; will that create opportunities for foreign qualified accountants who are well versed with IFRS and its application?

- kamranACA - 09-24-2009


In pakistan all IFRSs (except IFRS 1) have been implemented practically. ICAP has also initiated diploma in IFRS that is meant to enhance further understanding on this area.

I guess by the end of 2014 locally people will be enough experienced in IFRSs. I don't say they are currently not; however some IFRS do not have a wide application in local circumstances.

The process of induction of foreign qualified accountants makes part of the routine business. It will also be continued, I guess. Because so many people qualified from abroad ultimately revert.

However, such induction is and will not mean deficiency of experties locally.

We may also be hopefully seeing some international qualification in accountancy at the forum of IFAC in coming days.



- Koolestboy - 09-26-2009

Thanks for the replies and i also understand that expertise will always required by firms, i just wanted to know the view of few experts here and thanks for that )